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Authenticity Check

At Acacia World, each and every product you buy is 100% Authentic and Genuine. We make special efforts to ensure that.

All the products on Acacia World are either manufactured for us or are sourced from Authorized importers only. We provide you what we call Acacia Great Product Guarantee wherein, you can return any product within 14 days of delivery of the product, subject to certain simple conditions.


We were actually surprised to see how a part of the country’s population remains conveniently ignorant to the dilemma of fake supplements. While a lot of people have been sensitized to the matter, some only want results.

This approach has been the one that is harnessed by the fake supplements market in India and China.

Fake supplements can cause mild damages like acne, stomach ache and ulcers in the short term and severe damages like Impotency, kidney failure or even cancer in the long run.






The better and costlier the product, the more chances it has of being counterfeited. 




Acacia Product Authenticator is a unique way of authenticating your purchase on Acacia World. Each product you buy on Acacia World passes through many authenticity tests in our warehouse before it is dispatched. After the test, we place our seal on the product. This seal contains a unique code hidden beneath a scratchable layer. You can obtain this code and verify your product on Acacia World. This is especially useful when you are buying from a local retailer. We do supply products in wholesale to retailers. If you see our seal on a product, be assured that it is a genuine product.



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