ON (Optimum Nutrition) Gold Standard 100% Whey

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Goal: Lean Muscle Building
Servings: 15 (1 Lb) | 29 (2 Lb) | 75 (5 Lb) | 154 (10.37 Lb) serving size 30.5 G (depending on flavours)
24 G Protein | 3 G Carbs | 1 G Fats

Imported by Bright Commodities | Glanbia (official) Fulfilled by Acacia World

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Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard is perhaps the largest selling whey protein in the world and not without a reason. It is a mix of concentrated and isolated whey protein that contributes to faster revovery and bigger muscles. Its a great product when it comes to building lean muscles. In addition to that it contains all important amino acids especially the 9 amino acids that can not be synthesised by the body, namely Leucine, Isoleucine, Lysine, Histidine, Phenylalanine, Methionine, Threonine, Valine & Tryptophan. Gold Standard also boasts of the fact that Whey Protein Isolates are its primary source of protein, which means that most of the protein you get from Gold Standard comes from these highly filtered Whey Protein Isolates.

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard comes in delicious flavours, each one worth trying.

Grab your Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard today and start your transformation.

At Acacia World we ensure that Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard you get is an authentic product. We source the product directly from Glanbia’s warehouse in India. So be carefree and just focus on your workouts and diet, let Gold Standard do the rest.

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Supplement Facts

There may be slight differences in Nutrition Facts based on flavours. To know exact Nutrition Facts, please visit http://www.optimumnutrition.com/


How to Use


Mix 1 serving in 250 ml water, milk or any other liquid per day. Best time to use is after workout.

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4.4 overall

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  1. MITALI DHIMAN (verified owner)


  2. Samantha (verified owner)

    genuine product delivered in 6 days

    the delivery should improve. Otherwise i liked the product very much. strawberry flavour tastes amazing.


  3. Satyam (verified owner)

    Genuine product

    Thanks to acacia world to selling this kind of products I’m very happy to buy this supplement because this is genuine product. Now I’m waiting for the result to add second review…….


  4. Rishikesh (verified owner)

    Genuine product Delivered on Time

    Good to see so many flavours available. Genuine products of ON. I have used Amnio energy and Fish oil and have had no issues so far with the quality. The customer support is also very active. good job


  5. Anshula (verified owner)

    Best protein

    Don’t even think about any other whey protein. ON Gold standard is a bit expensive but there is nothing like it. The taste is amazing, the smoothness, the quality, the mixability, the results are all top notch.
    Thank you acaciaworld for prompt delivery and genuine product.


  6. rahul (verified owner)


    Good product. Good results


  7. Vijaya

    On is ON

    The best by far. Dont need to say more about ON. If you get genuine products, there is no comparison. Good service by acacia.


  8. David Gupta

    on gold standard 100 whey protein

    I am using this product for 10 days and very pleased by Acacia because many times I buy a proteins in my local sellers in my city. But they dont give me a good result in my body and shape. Now in 10 day using this product by Acacia I am feeling a good result in my body and shape . So I want to tell all of u to buy a genuine products only from Acacia.Their delivery process was also good and I am very thankful to all off the Acacia team for quick response time and good advise.

    David Gupta

  9. abhay chandan

    Awesome Protein – Order only from Acaciaworld

    This is a very good product with good taste and amazing mix-ability. I ordered a 10 lb variant from Shopclues at 50% discount – goindia seller, but it turned out to be fake. Beware of fake proteins. Kudos to Acaciaworld for delivering quality products. P.S. – I do not have any commercial interest with Acaciaworld. It is a true experience, you can watch my video on YouTube : Search FAKE ON whey protein, INDIA.

    abhay chandan

  10. Akshay Teotia

    Excellent product

    One of the very best protein supplements around. Does what it says, It is giving me good pumps and helps in developing a good physique.

    Akshay Teotia

  11. Vishal Kukureja

    Very Good but beware of flavours

    I have started using it for 1 month and the results are much noticeable. Gained a good lot of lean muscle with proper workout. i did not know that supplement facts change based on flavours, so at first i got suspicious, because i follow guru mann and he has told how to spot a fake on product and one of the tips was to check any mistake in printing or supplement facts. then i contacted ON customer care and they explain to me how the supplement facts change according to flavours. better go for double rich chocolate because it has most servings.

    Vishal Kukureja

  12. Nirmal Prakash

    Authenticated Vs Fake ON Gold Standard 100% Whey

    I have purchased 5 lbs ON Gold Standard 100% Whey(Double rich Chocolate) from Acacia and found it a absolutely authenticated product. Guys don’t fall into trap by seeing this product at much lesser price from amazon/snapdeal/shopclues etc. These sites shows different sellers who are selling the product but have no control over the quality of the product. It may be a fake product. Bright Commodities is only & sole importer of ON products. Things you need to check the originality of the product- 1- Look for Bright Seal and attached hologram on the Cap. 2- Look for “ON GOLDEN color hologram” which is present on cap outer sealing. The outer cap sealing is of black color. 3- ON doesn’t provide induction sealing otherwise known as cap sealing at the top the bottle mouth. So don’t panic if you see some powder pieces scatter on the cap after opening. Guys please destroy/tamper or put cross sign scratches on the box cap after using so that it cannot be reused in Grey market(as the your original product cap contains Bright commodities seal)

    Nirmal Prakash

  13. Ralph


    Double chocolate flavour is very good, feel better after workout. Amazing product.


  14. Aditya




  15. Aadi

    Best Supplement

    ON whey is one of the supplement which is absolutely suited for workouts. From taste till transformation it has all the necessary ingredients. Taste it and feel the difference. No other supplement can match its combination. i dont know if its in my mind but i got results from the first day itself.


  16. Prashanth

    Good taste with good output

    This is my first time of start taking protein shake as professional way. I have test before many other flavor which give me a feelings of vomit because of test. Also as i am having egg allergy so once i take those shake i feel nausea, stomach cramp. but this product is 100% VEG so from the first day to till now i never face any problem and the test is awesome. if you like Bonvita or Milo then i suggest you go for it. You deferentially Like this one. About output : I feel it very good. Gives you energy and if you spent 90 min/ 4 days a week in gym and take 1 scoop of every day then its helps you to reduce the extra fat and you can see your mussel take good shape. I love it. Hoping it matches up to its hype in terms of actual results.


  17. Rajdeep hooda

    Not sure


    Rajdeep hooda

  18. Shubham Arora

    The only genuine product

    bought many products before, used ON many times too, but this time i got really good results. in jammu if you have to buy, then buy only from acacia world otherwise you will get fake only. best product and brand in the world buy orignal only. i also became member so discounts from next time 😉

    Shubham Arora

  19. Kedar Tausalkar

    Brilliant product, good delivery

    About the product: Very high quality, dissolves easily in water and tastes very good (Chocolate malt for me always). This was my first protein supplement and I do not regret the choice. I generally take half a scoop before workout and one scoop post workout. However, no supplement works without healthy food. So use this as an add-on to a healthy diet. Since I was on a weight gain regime, I have gained 8 in 2 months and am very happy with the results

    Kedar Tausalkar

  20. Niharika

    Very Good

    Its the best protein i have used till date. I am very sensitive to lactose and i always used to bloat a lot after having protein shakes. But with this ON 100% Whey i dont bloat at all. Taste it good too. not like any other proteins which taste so sweet. i highly recommend it.


  21. Mayank

    12 Kg weight loss in 2 months!!!

    My age is 32, Height is 5′ 7”. My goal is to lose around 25 kg. I started taking this On gold standard whey protein 2 months ago when my weight was 83 Kg. Now, my weight is 72 Kg….I took 1.5 scoop where protein shake everyday post workout under the guidance of my gym instructor. With proper diet. Cardio and weight training, I lost 7 kg in first month and 4 kg in 2 month…total 11 kg weight lost…so girls don’t shy away taking whey powder and lifting weights.


  22. Ravi

    Best Supplements

    Its a best supplement!!!!


  23. Prashant

    Good product Bad delivery

    On Whey is tested product and supplied by acacia with original seal however i didnt like the delivery from acacia, it took more time to deliver. If possible improve delivery. I am satisfied


  24. Tippeswami

    Natural Whey

    On Gold whey is the natural whey extracted from milk through very good filtration processes, it is best supplement for any individual, with exercise you will see amazing results.


  25. Sudheer


    ON products are just amazing and this ON Whey is the best whey i have come across in my professional life. It provides the excellent proteins needed by the body for tissue growth and maintenance. Use it to maintain your physique


  26. Kartesh

    Excellent Quality Whey Protein

    On is the only Excellent Quality Whey Protein available, i feel it is best protein than other brands. Recommended by almost all gym trainers across india.


  27. Pinku

    My Protein Shake

    ON (Optimum Nutrition) Gold Standard 100% Whey is my Protein shake or you can say a best friend to my body. It gives energy and strength needed during workouts. Guys without any doubt go for it


  28. Danraj

    The world’s best-selling protein powder.

    The world’s best-selling protein powder from ON. There is no match for ON Whey protein the best ever available in the market. Consumed by millions of people all across and especially in india.


  29. Asif

    Original Product Guaranteed

    Nice to see another place to buy guaranteed original products. Buy from them. product is good results are best.


  30. Shekhar

    Good product

    Anyone who is looking to protein supplements should go with ON (Optimum Nutrition) Gold Standard 100% Whey because it is a tested product and recommended by all professional gym instructors.


  31. Lalit Praveen

    No Comparison

    There is no comparison of ON products with any other supplements in the market. On is the leading brand in india. ON whey is the best supplement available, the results are really amazing. Highly recommended product .

    Lalit Praveen

  32. Tulsi

    Best delivery

    Thank you ACACIAWORLD for delivering the product within a week I appreciate the services, keep it up


  33. Dananjay

    Thums up

    I am using this product from last 20 days now and I can see significant results in just 20 days. Amazing product I can vouch for.


  34. Ajay

    Good Product

    ON Whey doesn’t need any reviews it is the best whey available in the market and I am highly satisfied with it and its results. I would suggest and recommend this product to all gym goers.


  35. sohit

    Great Product

    Whey Protein Professional contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass, It contains necessary amino acids, including the 9 amino acids the body cannot synthesize. Thus makes it the product of choice for protein supplement.


  36. Namit Aggarwal

    Excellent Product

    ON Optimum Nutrition is the excellent product available in the market. It contains Papain which helps in boost its digestion thus very soft on stomach and doesn’t give bloating or belching feeling. I would suggest ON Gold Whey to all guys.

    Namit Aggarwal

  37. Rehan

    Great Delivery

    The delivery is superb, hats off…product is 100% original and guatranteed, however if u have any doubt u can still verify the product in many ways, website or customer care number of ON


  38. Nishant

    ON is best..

    100% original product and also best protein suppliment ever


  39. Deepak

    Best in the range

    ON Optimum Nutrition is the best product available in the market… how ever i would like to write foe acacia world as i had a very great experience with them. the experts helped me to understand aboyt tjhe product and also guided me how to be in regime. thank you so much. gyus if u have any doubts call them the expert team is really knowldgeable and helpful;l


  40. Shekhar

    Genuine product

    Thank you Acaciaworld , I received the product in its original conditions along with the Original Seal from Bright. Your price is also very competitive. The quality of the product doesn’t need any authentication as On is the best in class. It is one of the best Protein supplement in the market.


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