MuscleTech NitroTech ®

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Goal: Lean Muscle Building
Servings: 41 (4 Lb) serving size 44 G
30 G Protein | 4 G Carbs | 2.5 G Fats

Sourced and Fulfilled by Acacia World

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Muscletech Nitro Tech on Acacia World

The Most Powerful Protein Formula Ever Developed!

Nitro-Tech is a scientifically engineered, enhanced whey protein formula designed for all athletes who are looking for more muscle, more strength and better performance. Nitro-Tech contains protein sourced primarily from whey protein isolate and whey peptides – two of the cleanest and purest protein sources available. Other whey protein supplements might have only a few grams of these highly bioavailable and easily digested proteins. Nitro-Tech® is also enhanced with the most studied form of creatine for even better gains in muscle and strength.*

Multi-Phase Filtration Technology

Each scoop of Nitro-Tech® contains 30 grams of protein, primarily from whey protein isolate and whey peptides. These have several advantages over other forms of protein.*

For starters, they are rapid absorbing, and with the highest biological value, your body can easily assimilate the amino acids from the protein to build some seriously impressive muscle. This makes Nitro-Tech® an ideal choice as a post-workout protein and for igniting muscle protein synthesis any time throughout the day.*

The whey protein in Nitro-Tech® has been filtered using multi-phase filtration technology for less fat, lactose and impurities than cheaper protein sources. Furthermore, Nitro-Tech® is manufactured according to cGMP standards, as is required for all dietary supplements to ensure quality and integrity.*

Liquid Whey. Isolated Proteins: Ultra-pure proteins for scientifically advanced Nitro-Tech. Ultrafiltration: Removes lactose, sugars and minerals.

  • Formulated with creatine for enhanced muscle development
  • Helps in strengthening your muscles
  • Energises your body post workout
  • Helps in speedy recovery from muscle soreness and fatigue
MuscleTech NitroTech Performance Series is a protein-rich supplement enriched with creatine and amino acids. It consists of proteins derived from whey protein isolate, which contains highest portion of pure proteins. Its rich ingredients can help in the development of your muscles. It consists of creatine, an amino acid that helps in gaining enhanced strength and muscle volume fast. Due to the presence of creatine in this supplement, you gain more strength than regular whey proteins. It increases your overall workout intensity, thereby helping you gain muscles.
Develops lean muscles
MuscleTech NitroTech Performance also helps in the development of your lean muscles, instead of adding on to fat content. The best part is that this supplement prevents muscle breakdown and stimulates the synthesis of proteins in your muscles. Also, it energises your body post workout sessions, and enables speedy recovery from muscle soreness and fatigue. Further, this supplement helps in the volumisation of your muscle cells and tissues. This supplement aids in better muscle contraction and thus leads you to have enhanced athletic performance.
Enhances your workout performance
MuscleTech NitroTech Performance consists of a muscle-building compound called creatine, which helps you gain lean muscles and increases your overall workout performance, thereby helping you gain desired results. It increases your muscle stamina and helps your muscles recover fast from heavy exercise sessions.
So go and get this supplement to energise your body, and revamp yourself after intensive workout sessions.
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Supplement Facts


How to Use

Blend 1 serving to 200 – 300 ml of cold water or skimmed milk. Take one full heaped scoop twice a day or as recommended by your trainer.

It is recommended to consume Whey Protein right after your workout session. If you workout in the morning take one scoop after workout and one at night. If you workout in the evening, take one scoop in the morning and one right after your workout.

If you want to increase your protein intake, consume 1-2 additional scoops between meals.

Allow your muscle groups to rest for at least 48 hours before you work the out again to gain most from Whey Protein

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4.5 overall

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  1. Harmanpreet

    Amazing taste

    Result ka to sabko pata hi hai. agar chocolate se bore ho gaye ho to strawberry flavour zaroor try karo. sabse sahi flavour laga mujhe.


  2. Harmanpreet

    Amazing taste

    Result ka to sabhi ko pata hi hai. Agar choclate se bore ho gaye ho to strawberry zaroor try karo…. sabse sahi flavour hai



    it will give you lean muscles

    this is a pure form of protein and it will give u lean muscles no fat added….and your body get pumped when you will do exercise.


  4. Kshitij


    Very good esp. Post workout


  5. Hiren

    Nice.. Authentic

    Yeah it really works !!!! Highly recommended. I was a bit skeptical seeing the importer was ARC and not MPN. But liked the sincerity of Acaciaworld that they are transparent. So i gave it a go. It did feel genuine. No complaints


  6. Pallav

    Awesome but costly

    superb results i got when using this for first 2 months. then because of its price, i switched to whey totale. although the taste of whey totale is quite good, but its not the same as nitrotech. but in terms of results i have been using whey totale for 1 month now and i don’t see why any one should waste money on nitrotech.


  7. Arijit Bhardwaj

    For building bigger muscles and lifting heavy weights

    Its slightly costly then other when isolates, but yes it helps a lot. Enhanced with both creatine and BCAA. The only problem is that it smells yukk, if you do not wash your sipper on the very next day. I am using this product from last 1 year and very much satisfied with the results. Bought for the first time from acacia and the delivery was good and the product was original, so no complaints

    Arijit Bhardwaj

  8. Amit

    Nitro tech hi protein best protein

    Milk chocolate best favours


  9. Vijay tripathi

    Highly Recommended!

    Definitely a great product! A blend of most of the essential supplements. The results were visible within a week. I would recommend buying this even though it is slightly expensive, especially considering that it’s not a pure isolate like Isolean or Isopure, but a mix of isolate and concentrate and no one knows what percentage of protein comes from isolate and what comes from concentrate

    Vijay tripathi

  10. Raghuveer

    Best whey protein available

    one of the best protein powder till date


  11. Rudraksh Sinha


    Effective but it should be cheap

    Rudraksh Sinha

  12. Shivam Goyal


    Not the Authorised seller so i had my doubts. But the product seems authentic and the service and shipping was good. Customer service is very prompt which invites confidence.

    Shivam Goyal

  13. Prashant Gairola

    must try!

    Initially i got tricked into buying a fake product from a website (you know starts with S ends with l). So i was reluctant to buy the product via the same method. But i saw some good reviews on Acaciaworld which gave me a little confidence. It has been a month now since i started using muscletech and indeed reults have been very good. I am myself feeling the growth of muscles which has happened. This product is a must try. Do not buy from unauthorised shops.

    Prashant Gairola

  14. Nishant Ahuja

    Muscletech NitroTech Performance Series

    guys this is a great product it may be costly but it works.I can say with personal experience this gives faster result than other protein but only if you take it 3-4 scoops a day with tremendous workout. taste wise strawberry is tongue watering.Trust me i have used almost 50 different proteins and this is 1 of the best i will recomened.

    Nishant Ahuja

  15. Ravi Ranjan

    Amazing protein amazing results!

    I bought muscletech nitrotech performance series milk chocolate. This protein is total value for many it has not only enhanced my strength but also my stamina. The taste is top notch among the competetion plus the 3g creatine added in every serving ensures that you need not spend your money for buying extra creatine No bloating ,easy digestion, value for money is all i can say about this protein 30 g of protein in one serving as compared to 20-25g of competetion gives them a run for their money muscle recovery is the best

    Ravi Ranjan


    BAAP OF Supplements

    I am having protein since a long time , but my friend suggested me to go for this, its bit expensive . but u will see the results in 1 week … awesome. best protein ever had, in a 2 weeks with proper diet n excersice u will see inches grown


  17. Sahil Khurana


    milk chocolate flavour is too sweet…. bt this supplement is awesome, all time best, a must buy for regular gym goers.

    Sahil Khurana

  18. Rupert

    Mucletec nitro tec

    This product is awesome! if ur dream is big then u should buy this! But there are also lot of fakes. so beware and only buy from acacia or any trusted site only.


  19. Bharat Sen

    very good

    This a nice source of protein to build lean muscle. Taste is just out of this world

    Bharat Sen

  20. Anmol Malik

    worth every penny.

    After using optimum nutrition,myofusion,muscle infusion and some other top brands.. I can honestly say this is one of the best out there. Period.

    Anmol Malik

  21. Hulk


    its good product nice change in my muscle but for result u have to drink more water


  22. Ashish Mehrotra

    ultimate results

    this product is amazingly awesome. It has such great impact on intermediate gym lover like me. I have started it 2 weeks ago and gain almost half inch in muscles and very lean body structure start appearing. i m working out from 2 year and i was taking ON gold whey but it stopped showing results on me. so i switched and very very satisfied with it. i will do use it for atleast 8 months with ON multivitamin and omega 3.

    Ashish Mehrotra

  23. Saurav


    perfct supplimnt till date..must buy..worth it.



    Top of the pyramid

    I have tried various supplements or the last 5 years – ON Gold, BSN syntha, MP Combat etc. I find Nitrotech has given me the best results visibly for the quantity consumed. I keep my protein powder consumption not more than a scoop a day and try to supplement more with healthy meals.


  25. Aashish

    A performer.

    I started using just a month ago and I am getting results. I am very much happy to say this is the best product in the market. Ordered 10 LB packet after writing this review.


  26. Rashid

    100% original

    I got this product with in 3 days after booking and it is 100% genuine all the details as well as lot number are perfect


  27. Manish Malhi

    amazing n luving Acaciaworld

    Great taste n seriusly great muscle effect ..m loving it seriusly n i cud say that Acacia is the superior n the best supplier

    Manish Malhi

  28. Gurbir


    price high compared to amazon


  29. Sumeet Singh

    Awesome product.

    I tried Optimum nutrition before and after trying this one, no doubt, Muscletech is far more better than On. In addition, it will help you in weight loss, provided you have followed strict diet.

    Sumeet Singh

  30. Vishal Gandhi


    Really powerful formula. Though i am new to this product but by just taking 2 serving during workout i feel tremendous boost in energy and pump. I take it intra-workout (during workout) to utilize each and every particle of this amazing supp. Mix it with milk and banana and you would just amplify your performance. Only negative side is the price which is sky-rocketing as compared to others. will not be able to afford for too long.

    Vishal Gandhi

  31. Harsh Rane

    The best whey supplement out there!

    I was on the ultimate nutrition series for the past one year but was not getting the desired results. My trainer told me to try the muscle tech nitro tech performance series supplements an it has worked wonders to my physique. It’s unique composition means that you don’t have to gobble up four scoops a day. Having it once a day is more than enough to build your desired physique without interfering in your health in any way. And it tastes a lot better too!. The results are visible pretty soon and I am sure once you are hooked to this brand you won’t look anywhere else. Kudos to Acacia for delivering orders so darn quickly even though it was free shipping.

    Harsh Rane

  32. Rashmi verma

    good for toning

    for women it’s a good choice. dont be afraid of the creatine part. everyone requires creatine. with regular use your body will get a good definition and your strength and endurance will improve.

    Rashmi verma

  33. Anoop

    Best protein Supplement

    Nitro-Tech protein is sourced from whey protein isolate and whey peptides , the purest protein sources available. It is very good for leanmass building.Without doubt go for it


  34. Sauradeep

    High performance Guaranteed

    If you are serious lifter the i would suggest you MuscleTech Nitro-Tech and guarantee for high performance. TRY IT!!!


  35. Sudip Gosh

    Excellent Product go for it

    Helps in strengthening your muscles, repair them and provide you lot of strength, it is the best suppliment available in the market. Just go for it.

    Sudip Gosh

  36. Imran

    worked the best

    I have used a varietyof protein supplements but this seems to work the best,I feel like I have gained a lot of muscle and stayed lean as well, i will stick to this for rest of life.


  37. Keshav Mehra

    No Regrets

    This is a great protein brought a few weeks back I have no regrets of buying this Product. Switch to NitroTech you will see amazing results and it really taste very delicious.

    Keshav Mehra

  38. Majid

    100% Performance

    This is the firdt time i am completely or you can say 100% satisfied this product as i can feel and see the results. After selling out thousands i finally found the right product. Thanks to Acacia World for helping me out.


  39. Pintoo Singh

    Must for Athletes

    One of the best isolate whey protein available till date, it helps the athletes to build lean mass as well as get strength and stamina. I would suggest to go for it.

    Pintoo Singh

  40. Piyush Mishra

    Great Product

    Hey guys this is a great product by Muscle tech it may be costly but it really works. you will get 100% original product

    Piyush Mishra

  41. Hardik

    Highly Recommended Product

    It is definitely highly recommended product if you are looking for more performance and strength. It tastes really best and is easily digestible you will never feel out of energy after using it.


  42. Devansh

    Powerful protein supplement

    It is the powerful Protein supplement ever produces which gives you the best results. It helps you to develop lean muscles instead of adding fat content. It enhances your workout performance.


  43. Nadeem

    Amazing product and I am loving Acacia World

    It is amazing product for all the athletes who are looking for more muscles and strength. It is good in taste and Acacia World is best in providing guaranteed and original products. I am fully satisfied.


  44. Rajnish

    Nice Quality product

    Really awesome product.


  45. Vinayak`

    Awesome product

    I guess Nitro tech is the awesome product in line… easily mixable and easy to digest. Personally recommend this product to all looking for lean muscles.


  46. Mishal

    Good Product

    Good Product 100% original and tested. 5 stars for Nitrotech and 3 stars for delivery.


  47. Sunil Kumar Verma

    Nitro whey isolate

    It is tested and highhly recommended guys. Genuine product original seal.

    Sunil Kumar Verma

  48. Rishabh

    Lean Muscle

    If u looking for lean muscular body that MuscleTech Nitro-Tech is the soluyion guys. Famous product and tried personally. I recomend this guys. Bought it on acacia world for the first time. Decent price and delivery time.


  49. Prashant gupta

    Superb Customer Experience

    I was very hesitant initially to buy this product through online until i came across acacia world, the customer service was awesome experience for me got every bit details about the product and guarantee for genuine product, got my Nitro delivered hassle-free in 5 days. I have used many different proteins and this is 1 of the best i will recommend.

    Prashant gupta

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