Dymatize ISO 100 Hydrolyzed Whey

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Goal: Lean Muscle Building
Servings: 45 (3 Lb) | 75 (5 Lb) serving size 30 G
25 G Protein | 1 G Carbs | 0 G Fats

Imported by Muscle House India/ Beachbody Nutrition Fulfilled by Acacia World

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Dymatize ISO 100 is scientifically engineered one of the most powerful Lean Mass Gaining Proteins. Muscletech. Dymatize ISO 100 is filtered to remove excess lactose carbs, fats and sugars for maximum purity and mixability. Dymatize ISO 100 provides you 25 grams of fast-acting protein, 5.5 grams of naturally occurring BCAA’s, 2.6 grams of Leucine and less than 1 gram sugar.

Who is this product ideal for?

Whether you are a beginner or a Pro Athlete and your goal is to maintain lean muscular body, Dymatize ISO 100 will help you achieve your goals. If you are simply looking to fulfil your daily protein requirements having deskbound job with no workout.

Similar Products to Dymatize ISO 100

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to Dymatize ISO 100, you can go for  Acacia Whey Isolean  which contain 29 grams of highly potent Isolate Protein per scoop. You can also go with Isopure, Impact Isolate, ON Gold Standard Isolate

What other products you can Stack with Dymatize ISO 100?

If you are an athlete, you can add Testosterone booster to your daily routine for improved performance. If you are looking to improve energy levels, you can add Multivitamins to your daily diet. If you are looking to add Muscle Mass, you can add Creatine and BCAAs to your diet. If you are looking for Fat Loss, you can add an L Carnitine to your schedule.

For more information on Dymatize ISO 100 please visit the official website.

How to Use?

Consume 1 Serving after workout in 200-300 ml water. Add Ice to make the shake tastier. It is recommended to use Whey Protein Isolate with water after workouts. However you can dissolve Whey Protein Isolate in Milk when using it at other times of the day.

How much Whey Protein Isolate should i consume?

Depending on your protein requirements, you can use 1 – 4 servings of whey protein isolate per day. You should ideally consume 2x Grams of Protein per Kg of your body weight. If you weigh 70 Kg, you should consume 140 G Protein per day. More than half of this should come from diet and the remaining can come from your Whey Protein Supplements.

When is the right time to consume Whey Protein Isolate?

The best time to consume Whey Protein Isolate is right after your workouts. This is the time when your body needs to recover and supplying it with a fast digesting Whey Protein supplement will help you achieve anabolic state (muscle building) much faster. You can also consume Whey Protein right before going to bed at night or in between meals.

What is the difference between Whey Protein and Whey Protein Isolate?

Whey Protein Isolates are refined form of Whey Protein Concentrate. They contain more Protein per serving and fewer Carbs and Fats (some have 0 carbs). Isolates have higher bio availability and assimilates faster into the body. These are also costlier than Whey Protein Concentrates. You should use Isolates when your goal is fat loss or lean muscle building.

Is this Protein Supplement Best for me?

There are 2 things to consider when choosing a Whey Protein Supplement. Budget and Goal. Since you are required to consume Whey Protein daily. It is recommended to use a Supplement that you can afford to buy every month. Also, if you have a specific goal like Fat Loss, then you should either go for a Whey Protein that promotes Fat Loss or make a stack that will help you in it. You can always connect with us on call and discuss your requirements.

What results to expect from using Whey Protein Isolates?

The results are more or less similar to Whey Protein Concentrate. Within 1 week, you should be able to see a significant increase in your Strength and Performance. You should be able to run longer and lift heavier. Within 1 month you will be able to notice changes in you physique in terms of addition of muscles and toning of the body. Just keep pushing your limits at the Gym.

For any more information about this products, please reach us between 11 am – 8 pm . Monday – Saturday on 96821 27275

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Supplement Facts

There may be slight differences in Nutrition Facts based on flavours. To know exact Nutrition Facts, please visit Dymatize Official Website

Based on 58 reviews

4.3 overall

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  1. Abhishek

    Original product Fast Shipping

    The delivery time this time was great, I am glad that you guys used FedEX for the delivery than that snail slow GATI, I would prefer all my products to be delivered by FedEx than GATI. To be honest they suck in terms of Service and delivery. Product is amazing as always.


  2. Nishantl

    Good product

    This is definitely one of the best whey isolates that i have ever had. thanks to Acacia that this product is easily available at a good price.


  3. Vinay Thakur

    My first Protien Suppliment…

    I have chosen this Protein supplement after extensive research on the internet and let me tell you it has been 2 weeks now and I can feel the difference. I am trying to reduce weight and also having some additional muscle gain and in 1.5 months I have reduced 4 kg’s of weight with a medium intensity workout which is within my target…. A must have protein supplement

    Vinay Thakur

  4. Mandeep Chugh

    for gourmet chocolate iso 100, must read

    doesnt contain the specified amount of protein ,amino acids per serving. ran a test series using 100g of my powder i bought in a accredited food analyser laboratory with a control sample. the results turned out to be exhausting.the amount of fillers that for making it easily mixible,extra sweet ,no bloating sensations,for quick recovery some analgesic preparations were also found in the 100g sample.the amount of fillers per 10g serving is 2.5g .shocking no.? but i expected it .how can the labels be true,if its not having the claimed protein concentration per ounce of serving. the concentration of aminoacid complex were not like that displayed in tables on the sample. either the sample is altered after reaching indian market .or its like that from the manufacturing site itself.but i dont complain about dymatize, it has got its own legacy. If you have a relative or friend in US,its better to make them buy something from its factory outlet . regarding taste,aftertaste ,early recovery ,and fine solubility i join with other user reviews, its fine.its a better shake ,analgesic,and a filler complex ; never a better whey isolate.. dont get upset its not these supplements the bodybuilders use .its a different story altogether. for test results mail me .. push weights with aim,meet your protein requirements for a better body. ALL THE BEST GUYS. you may test it,something is better than nothing…

    Mandeep Chugh

  5. krishnan

    not bad

    i m taking it from last 2 months,but the result is slow.. my trainers says “keep on taking it u’ll get result in 4 to 5 months…hope so..


  6. Rajeshwar

    Good Result

    My rating 5star


  7. Sushant Agarwal

    Absolutely brilliant

    I have been training for 5 years and have never tasted a better isolate protein than Dymatize. All the brands don’t come close to this one in terms of taste (and importantly after-taste), time taken to mix in a shaker and the appropriate sweetness level – and believe me I’ve tried them all. This is an expensive product but you can’t buy a Mercedes with the budget of a Fiat. I wish it was cheaper (that is why I give it 4/5 stars) but it isn’t… if you want a quality isolate protein, this is it

    Sushant Agarwal

  8. Sawan


    this is good protein to take after workout or if u r trying lose weight. taste good mixes well.


  9. Abhi

    perfect nutrition perfect product

    No complaints


  10. Karan Jethwani

    I recommend

    Does mix very easily. I am trying gourmet Berry flavor – good. Just started, so waiting for results.

    Karan Jethwani

  11. Alex Prakash

    awesome product

    iso 100 is great product. it has great mixability, great taste, digest well..its a post workout supplement and gave me great results..but i give it 1 less star for it high end price…otherwise great product must try

    Alex Prakash

  12. Narinder singh

    High Price Tag !!

    Nothing special other than taste and solubility.. Its Hydrolyzed whey protein, mixes better with water and so it gets absorbed and gets digested sooner. I felt nothing much improvement in workout or muscle gain on 3lbs, but helped on my maintenance phase.Its just a high quality protein drink. With this high price tag I recommend this only for those who are looking for good quality protein with high absorption rate and those who are favored to the brand Dymatize !!

    Narinder singh

  13. ANUPAM Mishra

    Dymatize Iso-100 Gourmet Chocolate

    Got my Dymatize Iso-100 Gourmet Chocolate y’day, 3 days earlier than what Acacia World promised. Opened the box and was terrified to find the same red scoop that I got with MuscleBlaze. But when I checked Youtube videos of Dymatize, I came to know that a lot of companies use the same brand of scoop. Anyways, I tasted the product and its right up there and bang on. Mixability, Creaminess and Taste when mixed with water !! Oh my god! Its awesome to say the least. After Syntha 6, this is the best tasting protien I have ever tasted! Looking forward for equally good results!!

    ANUPAM Mishra

  14. Jorine

    A five star product rated as 4 star only because the flavour is not as good as Gormet Chocolate

    When it comes to Whey protein there is nothing much to say about Dymatiz ISO 100 because nothing else is as good as this one in terms of quality and the benefits of true protein you can achieve. Deserves 5 star rating all the time. However, only qualm I had is that the Gourmet Chocolate flavor was out of stock and hence had to gamble among the rest of the available flavors. I chose Vanilla flavour just for a change. Although its not bad, but nothing compared to the Gourmet Chocolate which is simply the best flavor for any Whey protein. Besides, Acacia service is fast and efficient. One more thing. I got a fresh tub. The expiry date extends up to 2019. Very satisfied.


  15. Sneha Vladepillai

    Good one

    Very good taste , no lumps nd easy to digest.

    Sneha Vladepillai

  16. Parthopritam Chatterjhi

    SO SO

    prefer ON …because this makes me feel quite heavy.

    Parthopritam Chatterjhi

  17. Ankit Bajwa

    Dymatize Iso-100

    Awesome in taste,great mixing ability, top class in its effectiveness.The quality of the powder is ultra fine with 90% protein ratio.(Hydro and Isolate from…no concentrates) A bit pricey but has its worth. Once you use it with serious hard training you will never change.

    Ankit Bajwa

  18. Ashutosh

    Dymatize Iso-100 Gourmet berry taste great and results are good too

    I started working out about 8 months ago, tried GNC whey iso chocolate (taste avg), Natures best Isopure cookie & cream( tastes awful) ON whey (bloaty effects), so i tried this. Very good reviews on bodybuilding.com. So ordering this seems about right. Im getting significant results with this product. Re-ordered it, very happy with the product. They have some pina colada flavour in the US store, wish Acacia brings that to India.


  19. Hardik Hariyani

    Dymatize Iso-100 review

    Came in good packing… It has a very high protein to calories ratio best suited whey while in cutting…… Bit costly but worth the money….. I would recommend it for person who want to gain lean muscle and simultaneously reduce fat….

    Hardik Hariyani

  20. Krishna Kumar

    iso 100

    all the way up superb protein, go for it.

    Krishna Kumar

  21. Sonam Kakkar

    Good Product.

    This is the best hydrolyzed weigh protein. Very light on stomach and great in taste. Mixes very fast and gets easily digested. Price is very competitive in comparison to Gold standard. Overall the best weigh protein I have ever taken. Works best for women.

    Sonam Kakkar

  22. Sumit Duggal

    dymatize iso 100

    this the best protein i ever had.10/10 in every thing superb. Superb delivery and customer care by acacia world. forget amazon and healthkart and flipkart.

    Sumit Duggal

  23. Abhijit mukharjee



    Abhijit mukharjee

  24. Parul Tak

    Best but got old packing

    Awesome product for bodybuilder who wish to build muscle quickly. I ordered Vanilla flavour and got the old (black Packaging) the expiry is in 2018. Little disappointed.

    Parul Tak

  25. Gurpreet Singh


    good product

    Gurpreet Singh

  26. Hemant Biswal


    best hydrolyzed protein ever i have tried ,,,,highly recommended !!!!,,,,best quality and price other than ON hydrolyzed whey overrated protein!

    Hemant Biswal

  27. Jatin Solanki


    excellent product!!

    Jatin Solanki

  28. Abhay Singh

    Good product

    Fantastic protein, good results and fast delivery. Very satisfied.

    Abhay Singh

  29. Vikrant Singh


    Powder is awesome and genuine.

    Vikrant Singh

  30. Naveen Sehgal

    simply great

    This is the best you can get….tastes awesome….does what it says….completely satisfied….

    Naveen Sehgal

  31. Raj Thakur

    thanks for a great service

    In ordered ISO 100 in Udhampur (J&K). Got delivered next day. If you are from Jammu and Kashmir, you will be mad if you buy from anywhere else.

    Raj Thakur

  32. Waseem Mohammad

    Decent Product

    Decent whey protein in the market. Acacia delivery was awesome. Don’t know why so much hype about ISO 100, better go for Acacia Isolean. I gott better results with Isolean. The taste of ISO 100 is definately a bit better.

    Waseem Mohammad

  33. Prabhjot Gill


    this is the best tasting protein i ever had !! give a try ppl. Not sure about results yet

    Prabhjot Gill

  34. Irshad Ahmed

    Simply the Best.!

    Best hydrolysed whey isolate available in the market. Period!!!

    Irshad Ahmed

  35. Anuyog

    Good ISO Whey for Rich People

    I have been using Isolean from Acacia and getting decent results. I thought i would give something else a try. So i tried ISO 100. I don’t think there was any significant difference in results. Very good taste though. If you do have that kind of a budget, then you can definately go for ISO 100


  36. Arvind Bhola

    Dymatize means Results

    i had bought it from some other source for 5600 rupees . Before this i was using ON and yes that have me good results but ISO 100 is something out of the league . I can see my muscles grow bigger and the cuts appearing around my shoulder area and back . This product is crazy good 🙂

    Arvind Bhola

  37. kartik chachra

    Good Product

    High Price, but good results

    kartik chachra

  38. Ashish Sharma

    Dymatize Iso-100 Protein

    Superb! Taste. Authentic Product. Speedy Delivery. I was skeptical at first. Never bought anything from anywhere other than Healthkart. But the price is just too high. With Acacia World i did feel like buying from a genuine place. All my queries were answered quickly. The Chat on the website is hyper responsive. Emails are answered within 5-10 minutes. Also, my friend had recommended your website to me. And i am not disappointed. Keep up the good work team.

    Ashish Sharma



    Awesome product for body builder who wishes to build muscle quickly!


  40. Dhruv

    Awesome product. Purchase it blindly.

    Any buyer can blindly go for this protein. If u want to lose weight or even if u want to make muscle or both,then with a little exercise, u can blindly go for this protein. Very delicious with “Cookies & Cream” flavor compared to others, second choice could be chocolate. Mixes very well. So far i have consumed 4 nos. of 5 pounds, and still using it. It is imported from USA. Authentic Product i can say.


  41. Vijnay Goel

    Good protein, good taste

    As good as iso sensation. And Gourmet berry taste is pretty good (like strawberry )

    Vijnay Goel

  42. Rajesh

    Pure Whey

    If you love yourself and want to remain fit and healthy also want to have lean muscular body then Dymatize Hydrolyzed whey is the solution for you.


  43. Suresh

    Finest Quality Whey

    Dymatize ISO 100 whey is the Finest Quality Whey which doesnt contain fat or lactose it is considered the purest form of whey, the only drawback is its high cost, but how does it matter if you are serious about your health and fitness. I would recommend people to buy from ACACIA being the best in supplying original products


  44. Harpal

    Top class whey protein

    Dymatize hydrolized is the top class product in the reange, its results are wonderful. I am suggesting this produvt after using it for over 6 months now


  45. Jagjeet Maan

    Original Product

    I got the product delivered by acacia in its original packing and seal from the company, it is exactly same as seen on the website. About the results i will update the reviews after 1 month.

    Jagjeet Maan

  46. pavan

    5 Stars

    Fast absorbing protein designed for the hardest working athletes, The best part is it is low on fat and sugar, mixes well and is best in Results.thanks


  47. Rishab jah

    Love this protein

    Fast digesting, hydrolyzed whey protein isolate from Dymatize, Love this protein

    Rishab jah

  48. Sarabjit Singh

    Wonderful Product

    Dymatize ISO 100 Hydrolyzed whey is the wonderful product interms of results, u can start measuring results even from 1st month of the use. I have become a fan of it… Go buy and use it.

    Sarabjit Singh

  49. Priyanko

    Strength and Stamina

    If your goal is Lean Mass, Strength and stamina the for you Dymatize Hydrolyzed whey is the best option. The Results are really very best. I am using this product since 3 month and yes results are there. thank you


  50. Tony

    Best Protien

    Protein is the building blocks of the muscles, If you are training or on physical exercise then surely u would require more protein externally and the best you can find is Dymatize ISO 100, you can take it anytime in the day but the best is if u take it pre or post workout, It is definately gonna have very good results on you. Go for it


  51. Neeraj

    Dymatize means Results

    This dymatize ISO 100 is the best in results if you are looking to build pure muscle, I was using on products before but found this 1 faster in results.


  52. Mukul

    Awesome product in the line

    It is to my knowledge the awesome product I have taken so far, the results are much quicker than other products, it helps in increasing your energylevels and build lean muscles. It tastes good and is easy on degistion.


  53. Manjeet

    4 Stars

    The fastest absorbing protein for athletes, it is rapidly absorbed and helps to build and repair muscles much faster than other brands, it is safe to take it pre or post workouts. I would like to give it a 5star rating.


  54. Nithin Bardhwaj

    Amazing Service…

    The service of acacia is absolutely awesome. I found the rates slightly higher than other players in the market, however the oraginality of the product is much more important to me than a few rupees.. it is easily digestable you need not to worry in case you are suffering from gastric problems.

    Nithin Bardhwaj

  55. Raghav

    Great result

    This product has given me the best results i am extreamly satisfied with this also i appreciate AcaciaWorld for speedy delivery. Keep it up..


  56. Naresh

    Good price

    Hydrolyzed whey protein can be considered as an up-scaled version of WPI. It is pre-digested whey protein. A pre-digested whey will typically release aminos at a faster rate and the digestion process will be quick. The whole idea of hydrolyzing is to enhance the bio-availability of the protein hence increasing MPS (Muscle Protein Synthesis). Guys go for it really great product. The price is very high compared to ISO sensation but this product is of another level. If your pocket allows and you want real results then you should definitely go with dymatize


  57. Wuji


    (ISO) ITZ SO AWESOME hydrolyzed protein than ON hydrolyzed whey protein, Original product at cheaper rate. Very light on stomach and great in taste,great mixing ability,Best in result.


  58. Pavan Malhotra

    Great Result

    Dymatize ISO 100 has given me best results, I can see my muscles grow bigger and the cuts appearing around my shoulder area and back. The price is also amazing at acaciaworld.com i got it for 8,799 also the delivery was satisfactory, received the product in just 5 days

    Pavan Malhotra

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