Dymatize Elite 100% Whey Protein

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Goal: Muscle Building
Servings: 27 (2 Lb) | 67 (5 Lb) serving size 34 G
25 G Protein | 3 G Carbs | 2 G Fats

Imported by Pearl Enterprise/Muscle House India/ Beachbody Nutrition Fulfilled by Acacia World

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Dymatize Elite Whey is a high protein supplement with award winning favours available in the market. Each scoop of  Dymatize Elite 100% Whey contains 25 grams of high quality protein, 5.5 grams of naturally occurring BCAA’s, 2.7 grams of Leucine and 2 grams of sugar.

Who is this product ideal for?

Whether you are a beginner or a Pro Athlete and your goal is to maintain lean muscular body and replenish nutrients after workouts, Dymatize Elite 100% Whey will help you achieve your goals. If you are simply looking to fulfil your daily protein requirements having deskbound job with no workout. Dymatize Elite 100% Whey will help  you improve your strength and reduce tiredness and muscle cramps.

Similar Products to Dymatize Elite 100% Whey

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to Dymatize Elite 100% Whey, you can go for Acacia Whey Totalé which contain 24 grams of Protein per scoop. You can also go with Animal Whey, Gaspari Myofusion

What other products you can Stack with Dymatize Elite 100% Whey?

If you are an athlete, you can add Testosterone booster to your daily routine for improved performance. If you are looking to improve energy levels, you can add Multivitamins to your daily diet. If you are looking to add Muscle Mass, you can add Creatine and BCAAs to your diet. If you are looking for Fat Loss, you can add an L Carnitine to your schedule.

For more information on Dymatize Elite 100% Whey please visit the official website.

How to Use?

Consume 1 Serving after workout in 200-300 ml water. Add Ice to make the shake tastier. It is recommended to use Whey Protein with water after workouts. However you can dissolve Whey Protein in Milk when using it at other times of the day.

How much Whey Protein should i consume?

Depending on your protein requirements, you can use 1 – 4 servings of whey protein per day. You should ideally consume 2x Grams of Protein per Kg of your body weight. If you weigh 70 Kg, you should consume 140 G Protein per day. More than half of this should come from diet and the remaining can come from your Whey Protein Supplements.

When is the right time to consume Whey Protein?

The best time to consume Whey Protein is right after your workouts. This is the time when your body needs to recover and supplying it with a fast digesting Whey Protein supplement will help you achieve anabolic state (muscle building) much faster. You can also consume Whey Protein right before going to bed at night or in between meals.

Are there any Side Effects of using Whey Protein?

Unless you are Lactose Intolerant, there should be no side effects of using Whey Protein. If you are using whey protein for the first time, just consume 1 scoop mixed in water to test your digestion. If you feel any discomfort, please contact the brand immediately. Do not consume more than 1 serving of Whey Protein at one time.

Is this Whey Protein Best for me?

There are 2 things to consider when choosing a Whey Protein Supplement. Budget and Goal. Since you are required to consume Whey Protein daily. It is recommended to use a Supplement that you can afford to buy every month. Also, if you have a specific goal like Fat Loss, then you should either go for a Whey Protein that promotes Fat Loss or make a stack that will help you in it. You can always connect with us on call and discuss your requirements.

What results to expect from using Whey Protein?

Within 1 week, you should be able to see a significant increase in your Strength and Performance. You should be able to run longer and lift heavier. Within 1 month you will be able to notice changes in you physique in terms of addition of muscles and toning of the body. Just keep pushing your limits at the Gym.

For any more information about this products, please reach us between 11 am – 8 pm . Monday – Saturday on 96821 27275

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Supplement Facts

There may be slight differences in Nutrition Facts based on flavours. To know exact Nutrition Facts, please visit Dymatize Official Website


Based on 53 reviews

4.5 overall

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  1. S.David (verified owner)

    Genuine Authentic Whey from Dymatize

    This was my first order with Acaciaworld.com and it was 4.5kg Dymatize Elite Whey protein. Reached on time and product was genuine. Definitely I would prefer Acaciaworld for my future supplement needs.


  2. Atul

    Protein at par with ON

    I am on my 4th 10 Lbs bag of this protein, Before this I was only using ON gold which being expensive prompted to look for alternates without compromising on the quality. My focus is more towards lean muscle mass – overall good improvement on the strength and fat loss. Taste wise Chocolate Mint the best, Second best is Chocolate. Vanilla is the worst. My personal experience with all the flavors.


  3. Amit

    Good product

    Tastes really good. Have been using it for about two weeks. As far as price on Acacia is concerned, this was the best deal I could find in comparison to any other site or store.


  4. Saiprasad


    This product is on of the best whey I’ve ever had. Tasty, fast absorbing, value for money. I’d simply recommend this to anyone who is looking for a good quality Whey. Comparable to ON Gold standard 100% whey. (Comes very close)


  5. Sandeep

    The most excellent 100% WHEY!

    The very best HIGH PROTEIN whey (NO SOY) that you can get – and so smooth and delicious! I wish they had this on Subscribe and Save so I’d never be in danger of running out! It satisifies for hours, reduces appetite all day, restores after a workout, and gives a pure punch of protein, with LOW calories. Try it! PURE WHEY – PURE POWER! 70 scoops per jar. Per Scoop: 117 calories 24 grams protein 3 grams carbs 2 grams fat 75 mg sodium I’ve tried a lot of other whey protein powders, but this brand is the best deal for the money. It tastes great, mixes well (I use either milk or water) and satisfies my hunger. It’s also one of the lowest carb mixes out there. I’ve also noticed that if I drink one of these shakes right after working out I don’t seem to get sore. Lowest cholesterol content of any protein product I could find. Finally go for it.


  6. Udit

    real whey

    great product first i am using ON whey gold std. 100% it’s good but after 2 year i want a change, right now Dymatize Elite Whey ! COOL this dymatize product elite whey better then ON and also a great testes. and now i prefer as a Health Inspector – “DYMATIZE ELITE WHEY” just go with it… it’s great! and finally acaciaworld.com u done a great job. nice packing, within 2 day’s delivery.


  7. Ashish

    Great taste

    This is one of the best available protein in the market not because others use it but also it has value! Hardcore series makes it favourable for people who workout intensely. It surely provides good results.. workout properly and take this supplement and drink lots of water and eat healthy.. results will be there in 2 – 3 weeks..


  8. Abhishek

    awesome product

    best protein ever had…. was using ultimate prostar whey…. better than that…. a heavy workout n two scoops daily of this product with some natural proteins…. n unleash the beast inside you. get ripped or keep trying!!! 😉


  9. Prakhar

    works just like ON Gold Standard for me !

    awesome product , have been using it for 3 months now , best protein I have tried till now , and I say that because I have literally tried everything in my 2 year long body building stint , go for this instead of ON , better value for money and superior results! btw the taste is not too good, for chocolate flavour add some peanut butter to it and it tastes awesome … !


  10. AJAY

    Dymatize elite whey

    Excellent protein. best in price and taste.


  11. Manan.Wadhwa

    Good deal

    Well i had bought this product for muscle gain without increasing the size much.Must say this product works! I increased by stamina in gym plus now Arms looks bigger and muscular. 1 of the best Post workout supplement which helps you to regain your muscles so quickly. No complaints about the Price either 🙂


  12. Peeyush Kumar

    Bad Taste But Good product In this budget

    taste is not good at all. But still worth the money. as it is cheap and 25gram protien per scoop. If U want to save few bucks then U have to compromise with the taste.

    Peeyush Kumar

  13. Sandeep

    Excellent product!!! Most importantly, a genuine product!!!

    OK!!! Ever since i bought tis product Acacia has been troubling me for a review by sending me mail over mail!!! The reason i bought this product from Acacia was bcoz of (http://www.dymatize.com/distributors-international) after doin lil research, though da product label had mentioned global impex , doesnt bother me coz even global impex is an authorised distributor, da most significant part has been cleared, its GENUINE!!! TASTE & MIX: Da reason y i hav given a review on taste coz for sum reason dats da major concern for majority for me tat comes at da bottom of da list!! Anyhow, IMO it taste anytime better than gold standard 100% whey chocolate (again it depends on every individual), i go with 2 scoops post workout, 16oz water, perfect blend, not too watery not too thick, i hav used nitrotech as well as gold standard but hands doen tis mixes da best, jus giv it a hard shake in a shaker cup for approx 5-10secs. Taste n mix–10/10 STRENGTH /ENERGY: after say approx 2 week i must say i hav gained energy on my incline bench, even though i take it only as my Post W/O!!!! Dont xpect it to help u if ur not training hard!!! If u want focus out of this then i must say u gotta do sum homework ppl, coz tis s a protien shake n not a pre W/O supp!!!! :)) this definitly has given me a lil strenght n energy in jus 2 weeks, wont exaggerate by saying a lot of strenght though, which i feel no supplements can giv u to such an exaggerated extent!!! Soo its gotta b 9/10. Worked for me though!! I was one of da haters of Acacia, i hav even given a review to them b4, make me believe tat ur products are genuine, i got my answer and i made a purchase!! D only reason y i hav given a 4 star instead of 5 s coz on da label date of import s mentioned however it states mfg date n exp date see bottom of jar, which i cudn find nor at da bottom nor side nor anywhere, so Acacia shud take up tis matter and understand tat every consumable product comes with an expiry date.


  14. matiz lingchu

    Dymatize all the whey

    This product is on of the best whey I’ve ever had. Tasty, fast absorbing, value for money. I’d simply recommend this to anyone who is looking for a good quality Whey. Comparable to ON Gold standard 100% whey. (Comes very close)

    matiz lingchu

  15. Syed bilal

    Good product

    Tastes really good. Have been using it for about two weeks. As far as price on Acacia world is concerned, this was the best deal I could find in comparison to any other site or store. F*** amazon. Selling fake products and still costs higher than Acacia World. You guys are doing a great job.

    Syed bilal

  16. Amit Jain

    dynamitez is the best

    you guys have to try this.. why ? Cuz its the supplement that’s gonna get you where you want.. moreover it has the least fat content in its category whether saturated or unsaturated , so its good for fat loss too , haha , all the tubby’s out there go get one Cheers, FatBoy

    Amit Jain

  17. Kshitij Talpatra

    Awesome Product

    Great taste, I prefer its taste over ON. Overall its whey and does its job just fine.

    Kshitij Talpatra

  18. Dheeraj Tripathi

    Instant mixability

    AWESOME MIX ABILITY .I have never used a protein supplement that mixes this good. It needs to be stirred only 3-4 times with a spoon and it completely dissolves, even in cold milk. NO LUMPS, ever. Rich Chocolate Taste is good, can’t go wrong with Dymatize.

    Dheeraj Tripathi

  19. Satyendra

    this stuff really works

    i was skeptical initially, but after reading the reviews i wanted to try it. this definitely works provided you really work for it. i have already recommended this to my colleagues and folks at my gym, and they are buying it!


  20. Rashmi Ahmedi

    excellent for women

    An excellent product with a great taste and price wise very nominal.Feels great on having this after my work out. Excellent service from Acacia. Low fats makes it ideal for me.

    Rashmi Ahmedi

  21. Manav Vikhatri

    decent product

    Good recovery.. and.good taste, however, compared to results, i would suggest you guys for for Acacia whey Totalé. It has almost comparable results and lower price.

    Manav Vikhatri

  22. Jitendra Shear

    Best taste awesome shake

    I bought this product after lot of research and the powder is class apart. Taste is so awesome in water and then in milk it’s just awesome. 24gm of protein and less calories makes it perfect.

    Jitendra Shear

  23. Mayank Singh

    great taste & result

    I am using Rich Chocolate flavour, its great taste & result

    Mayank Singh

  24. Shibvalik Kanan

    Better price

    good deal in terms of price. For Rs. 4677 it was a great deal.

    Shibvalik Kanan

  25. Suraj singh

    Elite whey

    I brought this product in 4700/- low cost, so i was worried will it give me the results r not. as i am the regular user of ON products. But, this product is valuable bcaas i got gains, increase strength and no body pain (soreness). I recommend this product if anyone want change their supplement.

    Suraj singh

  26. Anand Sachdeva

    dymatize elite whey protein

    Really effective for muscle recovery and maintaining.

    Anand Sachdeva

  27. Anshul Mitra

    Winner in Crowd

    A very good product, over shadowing ON and Syntha 6

    Anshul Mitra

  28. Vinay

    great protein by DYMATIZE

    it beats many proteins in taste. thing is not about money it,s all about result and dymatize is worth it go for it It digests on the go for it I just had a scoop and all the pain in muscle is recovered because of essential aminos in it i found it better than Optimum nutrition both of these in chocolate flavour tastes similar but its better in other ways go for it


  29. Mohan Pillai


    Great Taste, Great Mixability Great Resukts.

    Mohan Pillai

  30. Harsha Khullar


    Authentic Product. I checked their website and Global Impex is their authorized importer in India. go for it!

    Harsha Khullar

  31. Ravi

    good result



  32. Vibhav Vyas


    Better than ON….give a massive result if u r taking 3 scoops per day …. I recommend this..

    Vibhav Vyas

  33. Ajmal Khurram

    satisfaction guaranteed

    Results are very good and with a grrat taste. Good service by Acacia. Answered all my questions and product received in 2 days in Delhi

    Ajmal Khurram

  34. Chayan Mohanty

    Dymatize elit 100%way protine very nice taste and mixability also vary nice and daigestble i also use optimum onway bet Dymatize elit is best protine

    Dymatize elit rich chocolate protein is best protine

    Chayan Mohanty

  35. Nishchay

    Great results

    Go for it,great taste and very effective in gaining size!!


  36. Tarun Arora

    Great Quality

    Elite Whey Protein contains the highest quality whey protein available for body building needs. go for it

    Tarun Arora

  37. kunal raina

    Dymatize whey

    What more you expect than 25gms of protein and other essential amino acids, it is the best till date

    kunal raina

  38. Satnam Singh

    100% Original Strength

    This Whey Protein by Dymatize and Supplied by ACACIA WORLD is 100% origiunal product with 100% results. I have personally used this product and i would suggest that you try it once and you will feel the difference.

    Satnam Singh

  39. Ishrat

    Utterly delicious and strong protein

    Utterly delicious and strong protein to recover from intense training in the gym. It is perfect anytime protein. My favoriteis Strawberry blast. Start using it to supply extra protein to your body. Thumbs up.


  40. Rince Ranjan

    Great protein

    This is a good protein with great results very pleased with Dymatize whey… i strongly recommend this product

    Rince Ranjan

  41. Sameer Koul

    One of my Best Product

    I have tried Gourmet Vanilla and Gourmet Chocolate. Amazing taste and nice protein serving on per scoop. This protein was worked for me

    Sameer Koul

  42. Amit Arora

    Amazing Result

    After i used this product recommended by my coach i feel this product is just amazing, i started gettin the results in first month itself. If you are new to Supplements close your eyes and buy only Dymatize Elite whey protein. Acaciaworld gives you guarantee on being original product.

    Amit Arora

  43. Kundan


    Good product for post heavy workout, you will notice amazing results. The price is a bit high.


  44. Kamlesh

    Dymatize the amazing protein

    Dymatize Elite 100% Whey Protein is amazing whey protein supplement,i am using it since last years now. I can say Dymatize is best in results but guys you need to have patience as no supplement will show you the results superfast, you need to allow the body sometime. I would strongly recommend this product but patience and consistency is needed.


  45. Gopal

    Recommended for Lean Look

    I would personally recommend this product to all those who are looking to have a lean muscle look. After using this product I have taken part in many competitions across india and have won many titles. All credit goes to Dymatize Elite whey protein.


  46. Baskar

    A Genuine Whey Protein

    I would like to thank Acacia for sending me the original product with importer seal. I was cheated by amazon before for cheap products, even they don’t bother to listen to the customers after you purchase and will never replace the product if the seal is broken or damaged. At acacia I found what I was always looking for A Genuine and Authentic product. Thanks Acacia keep it up.


  47. vivek

    Elite whey protein

    As the name suggests it to be elite, after using it for 9 months I can really tell it is indeed and elite whey protein available in the market with great result and also tastes good digest fast mixes will.


  48. Jitendra

    Best protein by Dymatize.

    It beats many products in taste and performance, I am being using it for almost a year. It easily digests and help recover muscle tear rapidly.


  49. Raman Singh

    Elite Whey Protein

    Elite Whey Protein contains the highest quality whey protein, best protein for recovering from intense training in the gym. It increases your strength and stamina. Just Go for it.

    Raman Singh

  50. Sushant Singh

    100% Whey Protein

    Really it is 100% protein… i can feel ythe effects, gio for it.

    Sushant Singh

  51. onkar


    I am using this product from last 3 months and i can assure you all this id the best product available with a decent price. i m loving it


  52. Pushpinder

    Great tast

    I would recommend this product to all the beginners whpo are looking to gain mass. generally the suppliments are very hard to digest and doesnt taste as good as this one great taste and easily digest


  53. Ravi Kumar

    Best in taste,Excellent in performance…

    It is very delicious Protein Supplement in the range. The results are satisfactory. Definitely recommended for beginners, to maintain a lean muscular look.

    Ravi Kumar

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