Acacia Whey IsoLean™ 0 Carbs

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Goal: Lean Muscle Building, fat Loss, Quick Recovery
Servings: 60 (4.4 Lb) | 27 (2 Lb) serving size 34 G
29 G Protein | 0 G Carbs | 0.3 G Fats

Manufactured by Acacia Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd Fulfilled by Acacia World

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29g of protein per serving

With each serving (34 g) of Acacia Whey IsoLean™ you get 29 g of highly potent isolated protein. Acacia Whey IsoLean™ helps you get most out of your workouts because you get pure whey isolate without a trace of whey concentrate. Acacia Whey IsoLean™ is prepared using a series of highly sophisticated ion-exchange separation technique so that excess Carbs and Fats are removed from the Mixture and you get pure and highly digestible Isolate.


0 Gram Carbs and Less than 0.4 gram Fat per serving

Acacia Whey IsoLean™ is prepared using the Acacia Lean Muscle Formula to ensure that your body gets the best nutrition. Acacia Whey IsoLean™ is not only loaded with all the good stuff like Whey Protein Isolates, BCAAs & Glutamine, it comes with an extremely low fat count and carbs. With 0 gram of Carbs, less than 0.4 gram of fats and an overall calorie count of 123 per serving, you can build solid muscle without having to worry about the body flab.


6.9 G BCAAs

Each serving of Acacia Whey IsoLean™ contains  6.9 G grams of naturally occouring BCAAs. BCAAs are essential for building cells and repairing tissue damage that the body incurs during each workout session. They prevent Fatigue, Muscular Catabolism and aid in faster recovery.

4.6 G Glutamine

Glutamine boosts immune system, maintains muscle mass and a healthy Gut.

Added Vitamins and Minerals

Acacia Whey IsoLean™ is enriched with high quality essential vitamins like Vitamin A, B, C and E along with Minerals like Calcium, Iron, Potassium, Sodium, Zinc, Phosphorus and Magnesium. These supplement your body growth, relieve you from stress, improve your mental agility, increase your testosterone levels and prevent many diseases.

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Supplement Facts

Isolean_Supplement_Facts acacia_whey_isolean_amino_acid_profile

How to Use

Blend 1 heaping scoop (32.4 g) to 200 ml of cold water or skimmed milk. Take one full heaped scoop twice a day or as recommended by your trainer.

It is recommended to consume Whey IsoLean™ right after your workout session. If you workout in the morning take one scoop after workout and one at night. If you workout in the evening, take one scoop in the morning and one right after your workout.

If you want to increase your protein intake, consume 1-2 additional scoops between meals.

Allow your muscle groups to rest for at least 48 hours before you work the out again to gain most from Whey IsoLean™.

Tip: Prepare Whey IsoLean™ using a Mixer or a blender to get the best taste.

Based on 80 reviews

4.5 overall

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  1. Dr shrey K. (verified owner)

    Very good but Taste wise it’s OK.

    Dr shrey K.

  2. Rudrangshu Majumder (verified owner)

    Trying the new feature

    Rudrangshu Majumder

    Image #1 from Rudrangshu Majumder
    Image #2 from Rudrangshu Majumder
    Image #3 from Rudrangshu Majumder
  3. Rudrangshu Majumder (verified owner)

    Best Indian brand and yes i tried all brands

    Rudrangshu Majumder

  4. Janeshwar (verified owner)

    Overall Nice product.

    Good for fat loss, lean muscle gain and one of the very good Indian brand i ever know.


  5. Rudrangshu (verified owner)

    Best Indian brand period

    I cant recommend enough this product for lean gain..and yes i was sceptical first i was disappointed by various Indian and usa products also…but this ,this is my friends is the real deal ..if it was possible i can show you my transformation pics of 5 months ..i already consumed 2 bottle of this product and ican assure you this ,with good workout plan you can achieve some serious muscle and dont worry too much about diet ..and for extra result you can also go for acacia fat burner its also safe..stay strong and lift hard guys


  6. SUDEEP (verified owner)

    Good product at good price

    Acacia Whey IsoLean is undoubtedly the best Whey Isolate manufactured in our country. I have tried Muscleblaze and IsoLean is far far superior. I have also tried the UK brand-Myprotien Impact Whey Isolate and even though it has high reviews from labdoor and international audience, Acacia Whey IsoLean is as good or even slightly better than Impact Whey Isolate. Acaciaworld also provides add on supplements at discounted prices such as testosterone booster, multivitamin, l carnitine etc which is a big boost. Kindly, provide this facility for other products as well in addition to Acacia gym bag/water bottle. Go for Whey IsoLean if you need a product of international standard at good budget.


  7. Sharad

    Good quality

    The blend was very smooth. Taste was amazing. Waiting for results.


  8. Ishant

    Excellent Digestion

    I used ON Gold standard and faced some digestion issues. Stomach kept rumbling throughout the day when i used Gold standard. I was apprehensive about using a protein supplement but then a friend of mine suggested Isolean. I ordered a 2 Lb tub and was really happy to see that the digestion issue was resolved. Isolean is a genuine isolate with quick digestion and very good results


  9. Pramod Singh

    Overall Ok

    Its just an ok product, overpriced. buy only when there is a discount or a deal.

    Pramod Singh

  10. Gagan gulati

    good product

    its a good product to be used in cutting. do not use this or bulking. for cutting it works very well.

    Gagan gulati

  11. Aniket


    Packaging: 9/10
    Taste: 9/10
    Mixability: 9/10
    DIgestion: 9/10
    Overall Quality: 9/10
    PRICE: 5/10


  12. Sachin

    Awesome results

    After reading lot of reviews and watching the video , I finally ordered this product. This product is awesome results with superb mixbility
    Excellent taste too


  13. Rakesh

    Product is very good

    I read its reviews and then ordered it.Product is very good and results are good.The texture,quality, taste and mixibility everything is good


  14. Ramesh

    Great post-workout supplement

    I felt it worked pretty good, my strength has gone up. It is a good protein supplement . Very easy on the stomach and great post-workout supplement


  15. Shivang

    Will recommend it to all

    On a good note, the stuff tastes amazing.I recommend that everyone take a look at the profile of this protein and should go for it


  16. Kiran

    It is great Isolate protein.

    It is great on a low budget Isolate protein.Results are great.Loved d taste


  17. Param

    It tastes really good and blends very well.

    I liked this product. It tastes really good and blends very well.Results wise it is very effective.Overall it is great.


  18. Sunny

    The product is effective

    I have been been using this whey protein isolate product for about 2 months. The product is effective even though it’s a bit expensive. I will use this product again.


  19. Kamal

    Good protein and gives excellent recovery.

    Good protein and gives excellent recovery.My friend is using this same product and he is also getting good results and is good too.


  20. Virasat

    Great stuff

    Great stuff! ISOLEAN is very good quality.is one is by far my favorite and I will buy again and again and again. Because i love lean miscles and not bulky body.


  21. Varun

    Isolean is the best

    This whey isolate is great and without any side effects. I am lactose intolerant and was worried if i would be able to digest it, because i had issues digesting ON Gold Standard. But i had no issues at all. No bloating no churning. Its a genuine product i al sure now!


  22. Vaibhav

    Very effective whey Isolate powder

    Very effective whey Isolate powder.It does what it says


  23. Parth

    Awesome product

    Awesome product with great performance.Awesome taste and quality.


  24. Vikrant

    Great product,loved it.Will go for it again.

    My friend gifted me Isolean.One of the best product .I can see results.. Great product,loved it.Will go for it again.


  25. Rahul

    I am satisfied,and ordered second tub too.

    its one of the best whey Isolate for lean gaining.Looks good to me. ordered second tub too. Going to try strawberry this tuime


  26. Ankur

    Good product with good protein content per scoop

    Good product with good protein content per scoop..This product is best for those looking for leaning and cuttings.Loved its taste too.


  27. Yash

    Isolean is best of all

    I have tried almost all Indian and international products and this Isolean is best of all….Great profile and great taste and great mixing.


  28. Yash

    Best Tasting product

    Best Tasting product.Actually Works and protein content is really good.will definitely be purchasing it again in the future!


  29. Sushil

    Excellent product

    It is the only protein supplement that has actually worked for me and taste is good too


  30. Jayant

    nice product

    whey Isolean e good product


  31. Yohana

    This is my favorite supplement.

    If you’re looking for a well-priced,and effective protein Isolate then this is for you! Honestly, this is my favorite supplement.


  32. Arpit

    Good protein

    Good protein .I loved its flavour and taste is good.As far as results are concrened it gives excellent recovery.Overall I am satisfied


  33. Ravi

    Very effective product

    Very good product for regular gym goers.Very effective product


  34. Surya

    Good product

    I am regular user of Acacia so this time so now wanted to try Whey Isolean.Taste is good and easily blends very well with water and milk… Looking forward to good results.


  35. Manit

    Product is really nice.

    Product is really nice.It has increased my muscle size and increased my energy too…I am totally satisfied with this product.


  36. Sunny

    Superb product

    Superb product.I liked its ingredients and its reviews were good. Isolean is excellent, results are great and taste is amazing.


  37. Arpit

    Excellent Protein supplement

    Excellent Protein supplement..Quality is great and it dissolves very well.Overall its great and will go for it again.


  38. Tarun

    Good Product

    I am on a heavier side so was looking for an Isolate protein.I saw this product on acaciaworld and I liked its profile so opted for it.I am taking it regularly and getting into shape.Its chocolate flavor and mixibility both are good


  39. Arjun

    Isolate proteins are always good

    Isolate proteins are always good so I ordered it.Just started 2 days back so can’t tell how effective is this but I liked its chocolate taste and mixibility is superb


  40. Maninder

    Excellent product

    Excellent product, I am very much happy and satisfied with the product.I am using this product from very long time and its perfect.I loved the authentication sticker on the product now we can easily check the product is fake or authentic on acacia world website


  41. Mayank

    Product is extremely good

    I saw this advertisement on youtube.Product is extremely good.Its taste and everything is good.Price is also genuine.


  42. Dev

    Does what it says it does.

    It’s a great protein.Does what it says it does.Great taste mixes very well


  43. Rajat

    I loved this product

    I loved this product.This is my second jar and its awesome


  44. Jagdish

    Good Isolate protein

    Good Isolate protein.The protein per content is good and it taste great.Good BCAA profile which gives good muscle recovery


  45. Vivek

    Product is great

    Product is great , got good improvement and good size gain gain.Overall its great


  46. Yash

    Great product for leaning

    Great product for leaning.This product gives good recovery and gives good muscle strength.I loved its taste.


  47. Naveen

    Awesome product

    Awesome product.I am using it regularly and results are really very effective.Its chocolate flavor taste great.


  48. Vishal

    Good value for money

    I really like this product and would certainly recommend it to others. Good value for money. Much cheaper than Isopure with similar configuration and results.


  49. Deepak

    Effective product

    Product is really very effective.Its is giving me good results and lean muscle size.Loved the taste and solubility is fine


  50. Deepak

    Product is good

    Product is good,My trainer recommended me to take this product.Results are great and taste good


  51. Praveen

    Excellent isolate

    Excellent protein.Protein content per serving is good and results are really good.Will go for it again


  52. Diwakar

    Great isolate

    Great whey Isolate Best flavour and good mixibility compared to other protein products. I would definitely recommend Acacia


  53. Pulkit

    Excellent post workout protein

    Excellent Post workout protein drink. flavour is good among all the Whey proteins of similar configuration….Great product


  54. Harjeet

    Wonderful product

    Thanks to Acacia World for delivering the product so fast, isolean is a wonderful product available in lower prices to give a good lean size gain.Taste is good and blend well with both water and milk.


  55. Manoj

    Superb product

    Superb product..Great for lean gaining and toning.Its chocolate flavor,mixibility, quality everything is great.


  56. Ankit

    Definitely a must buy

    The flavor is excellent, easy to mix. Definitely a must buy and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great product.


  57. Abhishek

    Superb product

    Superb product.I was looking for Protein supplements so I saw this product on Acacia world and its price was better compared to other isolates so ordered it.Product is good and loved its strawberry flavor


  58. Biswajit

    Impressed with the results

    A great quality and great tasting protein.Impressed with the results. Helps in building lean muscles and weight loss


  59. Saurabh

    Great product

    Great product for lean gaining.The quality of this product is good and I liked its taste too


  60. Hariharan

    Excellent product

    This is exactly what I’d expect from a this whey Isolate. Recovery improvement along with proper diet Digestibility was good.I liked its taste too


  61. Parth

    Great supplement

    I saw this product on Acacia World and its specifications were good so ordered it.This product is great and mixibility is great in comparison with Isopure.I loved its taste also


  62. Bhupinder

    wonderful product

    Wonderful product.My brother suggested me this product.Great product,excellent results and yummy taste


  63. Amresh

    Excellent product

    The product was good and reasonably priced seeing that its a pure Isolate.This product is excellent with excellent taste and ideal for a low carbs diet.


  64. Aman

    Product is briliant

    This product is briliant.Got great results with this product! Taste great too


  65. Deepak

    This product is great

    If you are looking for a high quality great tasting protein then one should go for it. This protein was great and it would be a product that I would buy again and again.


  66. [email protected]

    Great product

    I searched and its ingredients were good so thought to try it out.Great product,loved everything about this product.Taste, mixability,results ,quality everything is good

    [email protected]

  67. Sonu

    Value fOr money plus effective??????????

    AwesOme prOduct .. Everything i want in a whey prOtein.. . Effective, taste is awwwsm, value fOr mOney.. . U get everything in it tht u get in cOstly wheys.. SO its a must purchase.. . Plus u get free gOodies with it.. So its a win win prOduct.. Must buy??????????????????


  68. Faiyazansari.1979

    Very good product

    Very good product.Gives good response, taste wise its yummy and its solubility is good


  69. Samir

    best product value of money

    good result ,fast digestive ,usefull for Wight lose and muscle building


  70. Suyash

    lOved it

    Must have fOr gym gOers!! ! lOved the taste, efficient and abOve all value fOr mOney??????


  71. [email protected]

    Excellent product

    Excellent product.I am using this product from last 3-4 months and found it really very good.Flavor and taste wise it is good and mixes well

    [email protected]

  72. Chinmoy Das

    very good

    good result and helpful protien whey isolate Isolean exelent result

    Chinmoy Das

  73. Faiz Qureshi

    Great product as an indian brand

    Results r good

    Faiz Qureshi

  74. Ravi

    Great value for money

    Awesome product, i have used it for a month and bought my 2nd tub today. I have seen good changes to my body and this is something i will continue to use. The authenticate tab on this website assures me of genuine product, excellent initiative. Couple of requests / changes: Bring more flavors & make this available to be purchased out of India


  75. Ashish

    It is very good Protein Product

    it is one of the best protein supplement present in market… buy it without thinking … no side effect and i am taking it from 1 month and i can easily see the changes


  76. Guest


    good product


  77. Manish Chourasia

    5 Stars for The Service.

    I?ve rated this product only on the basis of it?s fast shipping. I ordered this product on 14th Nov 2017 6PM and received it the next day 11AM. So today would be the first day so can?t really comment on the efficacy but the mixability is pretty good even though I did not like the taste personally but I shouldn?t be expecting much taste from an isolate. On the other hand if it?s possible for MuscleBlaze to come up with a strawberry flavour then it would be perfect taste wise. Will review about its effect after 30 days so that its value of money & efficacy for sure.

    Manish Chourasia

  78. Mazin Mirza

    This can Stand up on your expectations

    Woah! What a indian product Im loving it

    Mazin Mirza

  79. Guest


    This is by far the best product from acacia. Really good taste, great amount of protein per serving. Best taken with water for lean muscle growth. Reasonably priced. Worth every penny.


  80. Anshu Das

    Isolean is the Best in class

    I have used BTI isolates and found Acacia Isolean to be better tasting, easy on mixability and certainly more proteins per gram compared to any other product. More offers needs to be given by Acacia like how other indian bands provide for in terms of buy 2 get 50% off etc.

    Anshu Das

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