Ronnie Coleman Signature Series Pro Antium Whey Protein

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Goal: Muscle Building, Power, Fast Recovery
Servings: 51 (5 Lb) serving size 50 G
30 G Protein | 8 G Carbs | 2.5 G Fats
Imported by Shri Balaji Overseas / Arena Fulfilled by Acacia World

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How to Use?

Take 1 scoop with 300-350 of cold water or your favorite beverage. Vary the amount of your chosen liquid to acquire your desired flavor and consistency. Drink as needed including after your workout to acheive your bodybuilding and fitness goals. To further increase protein intake and to create a milkshake-like consistency, try adding fat-free or low-fat milk in place of water. Use in conjuction with a proper diet and exercise regimen to maximize results.

Best time to use is after workout and at night before going to bed. For advanced level body builder, 2-3 times is recommended based on their protein requirement.

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  1. kaka ji (store manager)

    Not sure if it is supposed to be 5 Lb or 5.6 lb. Can someone help

    kaka ji

  2. Aniket Patil

    Taste is AWESOME. 🙂

    Have tried double chocolate cookies.. Never tasted a protein so delicious.. Jst hoping for the results to be jst like its taste.. 🙂

    Aniket Patil

  3. Rocky Singh

    Good product

    one week before I had purchased this product using loyalty points. It gives me awesome result but flavor quality is not good, not mixing properly even in water. I am also taking 3 grams extra muscletech creatine with it. My review : Mixability : 5/10 Result : 9/10

    Rocky Singh

  4. Sumit Tandon

    Looking for lean and bulky muscle? Go for it.

    Before making the purchase, I was impressed by the nutritional content of this protein and I can certainly say that it has stood upto my expectations. Ronnie Coleman is a good solid protein, with creatine included outright in the protein. Though the taste is okay okay, but if you’re looking to gain lean muscle, trust me this protein will be absolutely upto the mark.

    Sumit Tandon

  5. Arjun Shroff

    Starkly similar to ON Hydrobuilder

    This protein belnd is very similar to ON Hydrobuilder which is best protein supplement that i ever had. Pro Antium cost a little less and has more servings, so i decided to go for it. I hope it works as well as ON Hydrobuilder. Protein belnds are more popular now a days because of casein and egg protein in it. Whey, after some time, doesnot help you grow muscles but will aid in revory. Thats when you need bulking protein -Micellar Casein. But its not intented to be taken after workout, like Whey not intended to be taken before sleep. So this is where protein blend kicks in, can be taken anytime. Will let you know results and taste in 2 weeks

    Arjun Shroff

  6. Aman

    whatever ronnie does is king size

    YEAH BUDDY…Its the kings own brand…an extra star just because king coleman recommends it…but honestly if it comes to protein blends this big boy comes in the top 3 for sure…30g of protein awesome texture and taste and a 5.6lb tub for a decent price i would say if iso sensation is a bit on the expensive side…pro antium is the product to go for


  7. Shiva

    Good protein

    It is indeed a good protein ! I have used nitrotech, dyma elite before this ! But this protein is really good! I dont take 2 scoops a day coz its really heavy ! Double chocolate flavour is good but that tasty coz it is very thick but u’ll get use to it in a week or so! Good lean gains, you lift heavier, energetic all day even after gym ! Drink a lot of water if you use this product! Value for money but if you were using a chocolate flavour protein before then dont go for the chocolate flavour! The taste is gold but you gonna compare it with ur last protein so you might not like the taste of this protein ! Go for this protein and see the changes;)


  8. Naveen

    Good results

    Hi, I m using this product from last 20 days ,so it is not just i received this product today in the morning and writing the review in the evening 🙂 .)the product is good and results are visible (thanks to creatine) .)Sometime mixing is a problem (if we try to mix 2 scoop in water) .)I have been using different brands and no doubt this is one of the best brand last but not the least point – “supplement” alone cannot do any magic – what you eat / how much protein you take from food / your exercise schedule / your workout intensity/ how much time you give to your muscles to get repair e.t.c really matters a LOT. All the Best !


  9. Tushar


    I am using Chocolate. Wow it tastes so good. Never had such a yummy tasting whey so far. It mixes very well. Not sure about the results as i have just started using it. Good protein, Worth trying.


  10. Anuj Lamba

    Quick Delivery & Awesome product!!!!

    Best Whey i have ever seen so far. Taste is like Cold Coco. Amazing Taste & Great results. Delivery was quick too. Overall i am much satisfied…

    Anuj Lamba

  11. Priyank

    Superb product

    This product is really well. I am taking 4 box now and result are superb. It have me lean muscle with strength and it has everything what all you need post workout last but not the least it gave me result in 8 days only from starting


  12. Deepak Dhiman



    Deepak Dhiman

  13. Karan

    Ronnie Coleman Pro Antium

    Great profile..Fantastic taste when mixed with milk or water…mixes fine too without any lumps…all round great product


  14. Vedant

    Working good for me.

    It seems to be very effective. I am consuming it after workout. I would love to suggest this product. Thanks 🙂 happy training.


  15. Rinku

    Proantium Vanilla Wafer Crisp

    Amazing taste…good blend of quality products….all in all a good protein shake.


  16. Aniruddha

    Tastes like heaven

    It is 1of the yumiest protien i hav evr tasted in my life.. It tastes lik heaven. The results are really visible in 2 weeks.


  17. Ayush

    Amazing !!!!

    Firstly amazed by its taste….bought the chocolate one and loved the cookies in it which i neva found in in suppliment. Its my 1st new tub…so cnt write about effectiveness…bt surely its has gr8 recovery…only thing is that i hav protein shakes in the morning after waking and after workout and i dnt need 10gms of creatine….only 5gms is good for an ectomorph lyk me…bt otherwise this product is fantastic and taste is the best…much better than muscletech,On,dymatize,.


  18. Aashu

    great recovery

    Good product


  19. Venkat

    Best so far

    everything is just perfect


  20. Abhishek


    Good product.. Awsome result. I am taking this prptein since 6 mnths now & i damn say it is superb. try it once



    Review: One month of use.

    Contention of creatine per scoop is the charm of this protein. Immense increase in strength and visible increase in size after just 2 weeks of intake. Taste = 10/10 Effectiveness: 8.5/10 Texture and mix ability: 10/10


  22. Crank Shaft

    thumbs up man

    “supplement only have my name on it….” the one n only Ronnie Coleman made this supplements so no need to worry about the result. great muscle gain,great taste,great mixing,n last great supplements I ever taken…so don’t worry just buy it. ..It worth ur every single penny…..thank you man (Ronnie Coleman ). last but not least thanx a lot Acacia great service n very fast delivery…..thanx

    Crank Shaft

  23. Gaurav

    best blend in the supplementary diet

    gains are noticeable within few days


  24. Nitin

    great product

    best. Price is a bit high


  25. Rajesh


    Good protein i give it 4 star. mixability is a bit poor.


  26. Rajiv


    Nice product. If you have the budget. Otherwise go for Whey Totale + Creatine


  27. Amit

    Simply Awsome…

    I ordered a trial Pack of 5 lb… Unbelievable result.. Its been 2 weeks only.. i take it as Post workout… Taste awsum, i feel gud after drink it.. I will definitely buy this series .. After all Legend himself promoted this. Thanks to Acacia World also for delivering the pack in 3 days…Thumps up.. For this Protien


  28. Sathish

    Pro Antium the best protein ever

    1st of all i would like to thank acacia world for their best service. I bought my 1st protein from acacia last year started with whey totale but was not satisfied with the result. But Pro Antium i must say its the best protein with fast result and no side effects. I will suggest every one to buy this product sure you will see change in you’re self and won’t be disappointed. Acacia your service is outstanding from the day one till now what ever i have ordered i have received in just 3 daya want to rate you 10/10.


  29. Rohan

    Good One

    Good one


  30. Rahul Khanna

    The best blend

    Best protein blend used till date, enhanced with creatine & betaine for absorption of creatine.

    Rahul Khanna

  31. Suprit

    great product

    its a very great product fot bulking


  32. Susheel

    Great product

    Awesome product yeah buddy Im telling u go for it. Great taste.


  33. Amer

    Amazing Product !!

    I bought Ronnie Coleman Pro Antium – Flavor Double Chocolate Cookies & there is only one word to describe this procuct, AMAZING !! Before this, I tried muscleblaze whey protein isolate & various other products but this one is not only exceptional in taste but also highly effective in your workouts. No doubt this is a little costly product compared to others, but I make no compromise when it comes to health & quality of product. Don’t want any undue side effects. Would definitely recommend to others & will purchase a bigger pack next time !!


  34. Avi


    This might be a little expensive but this is the best tasting protein ever. Plus it comes loaded with creatine. Within 2 weeks of use, you can see the results in the gym. Recommended!


  35. Vaibhav Pareek

    Great Product

    Always keeps Your Body Pumped, G8 Taste, Helps To increase your muscle size .

    Vaibhav Pareek

  36. Rajiv

    Awesome product!!!!

    Awesome product……….It seems to be very effective for me.some guys say that 5.6 lbs of this product is fake…….just f..k off that guys……….


  37. Abhijeet Chauhan

    Worth it..

    Awsum protein supplement by far.. i have used many like Dyamatize, Muscletech, MP combat, Wieder and EAS… but i will this protein No.1 Rank… very Tastey.. i have seen the result in 1 week.. after all Legend himself promoted this… Thums up.. Thanx to Acacia for delivering the parcel in 3 days …guys go for it.. i will buy again

    Abhijeet Chauhan

  38. Golu

    chocole8 made in heaven

    yeah . really it feels like heaven. i ususally take 2 servings. before and after workout bt i wish i cud drink this protein all time. result wise this stuff really works i m also using dymatize l carnitine. great pump n gre8 recovery


  39. Praveen

    One of the best.

    I’ve used Whey Totale and Dymatize, and ON before. This product is good, and I’d like to reaffirm Acacia World’s guarantee on original products. I bought Pro Antium chocolate cookie a month ago, and by the time the tub was finished (I took it twice a day), I did notice significant gains. Its also true that the taste is better than many proteins in the market; all in all a good value for money. Just be sure to drink lots of water because it contains creatine. It is a high quality protein, and is certainly not spiked. You’ll lift heavier, work harder than you ever did before. I’d really like it though, if Acacia World didn’t run out of stock on Pro-Antium every other day and offered slightly better discounts on imported products.


  40. Sahil Arora

    Awesome product worst shipping

    This is one of the smoothest proteins, man the flavor is awesome. I have been using it for 15 days now and yes it is showing results already. moreover it is genuine (Global impex seal) which is a tough ask in India. thumbs up! Acacia, i really like you guys but you will need to speed up the delivery system i had to spend 2 days without protein and that too when i paid extra for express shipping. Will give you people one more chance.

    Sahil Arora

  41. Sanju


    good product. good taste.


  42. Bhim

    best protin

    one of da best blends in market… great teast …. use hlf jar n u can see da diffrnce…. highly reccmded


  43. Rahul

    Friend with benefits

    Awesome Supplement…. I am using it from last 20 days and results are superb…i feel my biceps pumped up and actually i feel change in ma body and structure which i am getting after using this product….. Highly recommended… but main loop that what actually i am worried about is Creatine Monohydrate i.e 5g per serving…. as per studies we can have Creatine Monohydrate for max to max 3 months with 5-10 g a day. so after 3 months we need to change the supplement


  44. Akram

    Best Ever!!!!

    Guys…this is by far the best protein supplement that I have tried in years(and I have tried all). The profile is amazing.The chocolate flavor is heaven on earth..protein never tasted so delicious. Now I am on my second tub of Vanilla and this tastes gooood. Results though hard to gauge still are amazing and that extra 5g of creatine is all you need to get that extra push. the difference is noticeable. This is going to be on my stack for years to come. Cant wait to try out Strawberry shortcake(Hope Acacia gives a good discount). Taste:10/10 Solubility:10/10 Effectiveness:10/10 Price:7/10 Profile: 10/10 Its worth it. Give it a shot


  45. Rahul

    Protein Blend

    Pro-Antium is a protein blend intended for complete muscle recovery, RC is the best international brand so you dont have to worry about anything while purchasing it.


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