RiteBite Max Protein Professional MRP Bar – Choco Almond (Pack of 12)


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Goal Muscle Building, Wellness
Number of bars 12
Serving Size 1
Protein per Serving 30 G
Carbs 46.3 G
Fats 11.2 G
Special Ingredients Dietary Fiber, BCAA Glutamine
Main Ingredient Carbs, Protein
Protein type Milk Protein
Vegetarian/Non-Vegetarian Vegetarian
Packaging Carton/Box
Country of Manufacture India



1,959.00 2,040.00

Out of stock

30 G Protein | 10 G Fibre | 5.5 G BCAA | 2 G Glutamine | 21 Vitamins and Minerals | 0 Added Sugar

Professional Body Builders must have regular workout plan and a proper diet, which will make them fit and muscular. For strong and big muscles, protein is as important as workout. Professional body builders should consume 1.5 to 2 grams of protein per Kg of their body weight.

Max Protein professional bar has a high quality blend of 30 G Protein, 5.5 G BCAA, 2 G Glutamine, 21 Vitamins and 10 G Fiber. It is a perfect combination of taste and nutrition which fits in your daily workout plan to help you recover and rebuild your muscles. Grab the bar now and be a Pro!

RiteBite Max Protein Professional Bar is an amazing meal replacement or meal addition. Just grab a bar and you get the best possible nutrition in each bite. No need to worry about carrying tiffins to your office. Just keep a RiteBite Mac Protein Professional Bar handy and you will not need to worry about proper nurition any more.

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    Goal: General Wellbeing
    Servings: 30 servings 3 caplets
    Contains Vitamins and Minerals complex, Essential Aminos and Herbal Complex

    Imported by Shri Balaji Overseas Fulfilled by Acacia World

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