ON (Optimum Nutrition) Gold Standard 100% Casein

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Goal: Muscle Building, Recovery
Servings: 29 (2 Lb) | 58 (4 Lb) serving size 33 G
24 G Protein | 3 G Carbs | 1 G Fats

Imported by MHI Fulfilled by Acacia World

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Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Casein is a slow digesting micellar casein that compliments a faster digesting protein like Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard  100% Whey very well. A fast digesting protein is ideal after workout when your muscles need recovery. A slow digesting protein helps the muscle to grow once they have recovered. When taken at rest, Casein digests slowly and keeps providing the precious protein to the muscles for a long duration of time, hence helping build them in size. 

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Casein contains 24 G of pure muscle building micellar casein along with around 5 G of naturally occouring BCAAs and Glutamine per scoop.

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Casein can be very useful in situations where you have hit a plateau and your body is not being able to grow any further with just a simple Whey Protein Supplement. Add Casein to your diet and see the magic happen.

Acacia World sells authentic Optimum Nutrition products sourced directly from Glanbia’s warehouse in India. 

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Supplement Facts


How to Use


Mix 1 serving (33 g) in 250 ml water, milk or any other liquid per day. Best time to use is at night before going to bed.

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4.4 overall

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  1. Atif


    raspbery is the best flavor


  2. Hardeepak

    good flavour

    flavor is good and easy mixable…..


  3. Jaggi

    gud one

    I am completely satisfy woth this product


  4. Achran

    Mixes easily

    Chocolate taste nice. Mixing casein in water was not easy with another brand, that is not at all a problem with this. But still fill water half in the shaker and then add the casein power that way you will not have any casein sticking to the sides. Shaking well does the job. Has a slight artificial sweetener after taste hence reducing one star. Would have preferred no artificial sweetener.


  5. Shivarajan


    tastes good and its a lot thick than other protein shakes. its great for bulking up. but its quite expensive


  6. Mohit

    the best

    Casein is a must if you are a serious lifter…because its imperative to keep feeding protein to your body and casein being a slow digesting protein it can be taking before sleeping at night and then you are set for the night…bringing us to the product…i would say the best casein powder in the market overall 24g of protein in a serving of 33g is very good…tastes awesome and most importantly most caseins dont mix well but ON being ON make it happen…you want to get casein this is the go to product. Good service by acacia world


  7. jimmy

    Effective but slightly over priced

    It is quite effective and doesn’t taste too bad, but I believe it is slightly over priced.


  8. Sooraj

    Good Casein Source

    If you are looking for Casein then this is one of the Best (period). Good mixability, decent taste and consistency. Very quick results. The only reason I give 4/5 is that not everyone really needs Casein and I fall into the category that does not need it as much as Whey (yet). But if you want to bulk-up this is a must 1-2 hours before you go to bed. Amazing results.


  9. Ashok

    Great product.

    Product is great. Taste ia great. Mixes like casein do( Slowly, not like whey). Its a great night-time protein(before bed). Goodluck.


  10. Shubham

    nice product

    Well the product is good specially when you are taking it along with whey protein. But the flavour is bad. Take your chance with some other flavour.


  11. Tanz

    Not Bad

    Well , to be honest results depends on with how much intensity you workout and resting part. and also good food diet. honestly whey or casein, whatever, 24 grams of protein doesn’t make that much difference. still we take cause we can’t create whey, and we need a fast acting protein after workout and casein at night cause we eat nothing for 7-8 hours. Mixability – well idk if casein doesn’t mix properly.. where on whey will give you a smooth shake this one .. not at all. but drikable. Taste is GOOD. Really. Tried Chocolate Supreme. & i can only hope it really contain 24 grams of casein protein per scoop. Hope the nutritional facts are FDA approved.


  12. Bikash

    Overall Better Product

    Hi Anuj,first all for you.. I hope u understand its casein protein its heavy protein so In order to get it mix well use blender or if you want to use shaker 1.Fill shaker first with 500-600ml of water and then Add scoop of casein and shake it well My Review for it Its good for before bed time. If you had done heavy workout and after spending 1-1.5 hr in gym your muscles are thirsty they need something so better this not right just after your workout. Mixability – use above my method it will work Gains – Yes Side Effects -None although consuming Liv52 Product is good as it is a slow release of protein so Morning and before bed time best.


  13. Ram Panda


    This product is good, especially when I started consuming it before going to bed. I noticed that it does not dehydrate me while sleeping, And also this is a must for those who want to increase their muscle size and strength more effectively. I take Casein two times a day and have already started to notice the benefits of this product. 10/10 🙂

    Ram Panda

  14. Jayant


    Take this before sleep, for 24 hours mascular recovery.


  15. Ram Panda


    Can we have a bigger 510bs pack please?

    Ram Panda

  16. Arnab Mukherjee


    Casein protein is best to take before bed time. I have used Rasberrie Flavor which is excellent. In water taste is good but with milk it just awesome 😀

    Arnab Mukherjee

  17. Arjun Singh

    Awesome taste and mixes well

    Mixes really well compared to a few other Casein powders from other as well as ON itself

    Arjun Singh

  18. Janak

    ON CaSEIn

    Tastes & Works as expected no side effects, for strict builders only The best in class casein


  19. Gunas

    Bad taste (Raspberry Smoothie ) But rest is great

    I thought i will like the taste. But it really bad. Except taste everything is great.


  20. Jyoti Sahoo

    Go for it

    ON casein is the real deal for results…..

    Jyoti Sahoo

  21. Gagan

    if u have reached plateau….add casein

    personal experience. taste is mid blowing…with milk its just amazing. you will feel like taking it thrice a day… after a year of workouts..i was stuck at the same point..i increased weights but my body wont adjust to more weights. whey was not helping any more. then i added casein. and with the casein in my diet i started feeling a change. i just take it twice morning and before bed. and a whey drink after a workout.


  22. Sanchet

    Great for recovery

    Casein is meant to be taken before you sleep at night so it can supply you protein for 8 hrs while you sleep .. As important as whey in my opinion. Quite expensive though


  23. Arjun

    Excellent taste, good micellar casein.

    It is an excellent micellar casein product and provides delayed protein, helping in recovery and beating hunger pangs.


  24. Daman

    The Best Casein money can buy

    Casein is a slow release protein that is especially effective during night sleep when the body is without food for 8 to 10 hours. It prevents the body from going into a catabolic stage and hence prevent muscle breakdown. With regards to the product, it is a premium product for the simple reason that it comes from a premium company. Everything is good except for its mixabilty as it tends to form big clumps or stick to the bottom of the shaker. I personally take 1 scoop at night as it helps with my satiety. I have a habit of waking up in the middle of the night due to hunger. Now, my stomach feels full for the entire duration of the night and I dont have to wake up anymore. With regards to Healthkart delivery, its bang on and there’s absolutely nothing to complain about


  25. Anjan

    No 1

    Best Product


  26. Souvik


    VERY VERY VERY EFFECTIVE -After intense workout muscle soreness occurs for about 3 days but this casein boosts the recovery like Rocket…i can see the results from the 1st week itself. Consume it 30 min prior bedtime and leave the responsibility of muscle recovery to this casein. -Taste doesn’t matters to me though it tastes good -Mixes 100% completely in a shaker in less than 10 sec Strictly RECOMMENDED


  27. Anmol

    Go for it!

    It works as expected! You will see changes after using it 2-3 weeks, Chocolate tastes *very* good! Use it with ON Whey if your wallet allow, cause both of them are expensive, These products are lot more expensive than USA, P.S. I don’t know why this product received lots of negative reviews all over the internet, as per my experience, their service is awesome, all products are genuine and sealed(WHICH IS MOST IMPORTANT, RIGHT?) as expected,


  28. Romit




  29. Rama

    Great Product

    Results are evident within few weeks. Taste is OK with Water but with Milk it is so AWESOME !!


  30. Gursevak

    Great effects in minimum time, Works best as meal replacement and before bed

    Super product, great results when used before bed time , you will fell the energy in morning and as meal replacement , it can kill the hunger if you planning for weight loss or going from bulking to cutting phase,This product works great.


  31. Sameer

    release protein at night

    Bodybuilders know the importance of nutrition frequency, and they also know that the majority of muscle repairing and rebuilding takes place during sleep. For optimal muscle recovery, the body needs a constant supply of nutrients, and most importantly, protein. When taken before bed, whey protein will be absorbed within about 45 mins, leaving the body without a protein source for up to 8 hours. Micellar Casein will provide the body with a protein source for up to 7 hours, greatly reducing muscle catabolism.


  32. Harsh

    An essential part of the stack for serious lifters

    All the serious lifters out there need casein in their stack and this is simply one of the best casein in the market. If you are benching more than 80% of your body weight & squatting 120%, then this product is an absolute for your overnight protein needs. Cheers & stay healthy


  33. Tensing

    please provide 10lb pack

    casein can be used as a food supplement too so please provide bigger size…with bigger discount


  34. Parmeshwar

    4 STARS

    This product deserves 4 Stars for its results and taste.


  35. Prabjot

    Shaandar Zabardast Zindabaad

    ON products are always Shaandar Zabardast Zindabaad, i love ON Casein coz i am a heavy workout guy and it is the only product which comes for my rescue. Best Product for heavy lifters.


  36. Lucky

    Value for money!!!

    On Casein is the excellent product from ON, Guys it might need time to digest but that is wot will supply proteins to the muscles to recover. The best time to take Casein is at the bed time so that it will supply proteins for a longer time. I would suggest and recommend ON Casein. thanku


  37. Surya Prakash

    Go for it

    On products are the best in market. ON CASEIN is the best product which is effective also tastes very good.

    Surya Prakash

  38. Chandrakant

    Works Best

    ON Gold Standard 100% Casein is the best supplement for heavy lifters available in the market. Results are evident within few weeks


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