MuscleTech NitroTech Ripped

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Goal: Lean Muscle Building, Fat Loss
Servings: 21 (2 LB) | 42 (4 Lb) serving size 43 G
30 G Protein + Fat Loss Complex
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Muscletech Nitrotech Ripped is just what is sounds like. It helps you look shredded.

The highlights of Nitrotech Ripped are: 30 G Protein | 250 mg CLA | 500 mg L Carnitine | 500 mg L Tartarate

MuscleTech designed this one-of-a-kind formula to deliver ultra-pure protein plus real weight loss results – it’s unlike anything you’ve seen before.* Unlike the competition, every scoop of NITRO-TECH RIPPED delivers a scientifically studied dose of its key weight loss ingredient, C. canephora robusta, that is backed by two human studies for results you can trust!*

NITRO-TECH RIPPED first provides a 30g blend of whey peptides and isolates for digestibility, easy mixing and high levels of essential branched chain amino acids (BCAAs). MuscleTech researchers didn’t stop there though, as each two-scoop serving of this incredible, new 7-in-1 protein formula also delivers CLA, MCTs, L-carnitine L-tartrate, green tea extract, rose hip extract and kelp powder– plus C. canephora robusta for weight management

How nitro-tech ripped works

Delivers Ultra-Clean Whey Isolate And Peptides

NITRO-TECH RIPPED supplies 30 full grams of the highest biological value proteins available. These are some of the cleanest sources of protein available to athletes. Whey peptides are powerful amino acids containing components derived from much longer whole whey protein molecules. Whey peptides can promote muscle recovery from exercise.* What’s more, whey peptides have one of the highest biological values (BV) of any protein source, a value given to protein sources to measure how well they are absorbed and used by the body.

Contains A Clinically Proven Dose Of Weight Loss Ingredients

NITRO-TECH RIPPED features popular ingredients such as L-carnitine L-tartrate, green tea extract and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). MuscleTech® researchers also included doses of kelp, rose hip extract and MCT oil powder for a truly unique formula. Plus, it contains the scientifically researched does of C. canephora robusta to support real weight management results.*

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Supplement Facts


How to Use

Blend 1 serving to 200 – 300 ml of cold water or skimmed milk. Take one full heaped scoop twice a day or as recommended by your trainer.

It is recommended to consume Whey Protein right after your workout session. If you workout in the morning take one scoop after workout and one at night. If you workout in the evening, take one scoop in the morning and one right after your workout.

If you want to increase your protein intake, consume 1-2 additional scoops between meals.

Allow your muscle groups to rest for at least 48 hours before you work the out again to gain most from Whey Protein

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  1. Shubham Sethi (store manager)

    Got very good results in firts month. Weight gone down by 2.5 kg and have gained some muscles also. definition coming on the body. will buy again soon.

    Shubham Sethi

  2. Manish

    excellent taste and results

    was suggested by acacia team and loved the product. someone told me earlier that nitrotech ripped was not that good product and i was very doubtful if i should buy it or now. but in the end i ended up liking the product and this is the best results i have seen so far in terms of muscle growth and fat loss. i am not using anythin else for fat loss except for this powder.


  3. gaurav

    best for fat loss

    if you want to gaining muscles and losing some fats, then this is ultimate protein.


  4. Suresh kalia

    good results

    lost 3 kg since i started using it. i have a good lean diet also. great for people who want to lose.

    Suresh kalia

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