MuscleTech NitroTech Casein

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Goal: Lean Muscle Building
Servings: 77 (5 Lb) serving size 30 G
25 G Protein | Less than 1 G Carbs | 0 G Fats 

Imported by Muscle Pro Nutrition/Beachbody Nutrition/Crown International Fulfilled by Acacia World

Delivered in 5-9 working days    EMI Option Available with Razorpay

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

NITRO-TECH 100% Casein

How to Use?

Consume 1 to 2 scoops of 6 to 12 oz of cold water or skim mil


Supplement Facts

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4.3 overall

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  1. Amit srivastava

    Strong formula for Strong you

    Muscletech casein is the strong product available in the line. i would highly recommended this product as this will provide you the adequate amount of proteins needed by your post workout.

    Amit srivastava

  2. Anjit

    5 Stars

    I would definitely give it a 5 Star rating,,,, 5 Star for Results,,,, 5 Stars for Taste.


  3. Ankit Malhotra

    Better Quality

    I have used many Casein formulas from different companies and i loved Muscletech casein for its great results and great taste. Advised to take muscletech casein

    Ankit Malhotra

  4. Vicky Tandan

    Ideal Product

    Muscletech Casein is the ideal product for great results, it is very best in taste however slow in digest, so it is generally taken at bedtime.

    Vicky Tandan

  5. Nakul

    Best Casein Available

    Casein from MuscleTech is the best Best Casein Available in the market as it contains high doses of BCAA, glutamine , and essential amino acids to boost your strength and performance, strongly recommended for serious guys.


  6. Madan

    Pure Casein

    MuscleTech Platinum Casein contains Pure Casein unlike other brands that add inferior forms of casein into their formulas,This is a tested product go with it.


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