MuscleTech 100% Premium Whey Protein Plus

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Goal: Muscle Growth, Strength and Endurance
Servings: 61 (5 Lb) serving size 32 G
20 G Protein | 9 G Carbs | 2 G Fats

Imported by Shri Balaji Overseas/MPN/Crown International/Beachbody Nutrition Fulfilled by Acacia World

Delivered in 3-7 working days    EMI Option Available with Razorpay

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  • Aids in muscle protein synthesis
  • Increases lean muscle
  • Boosts the overall strength and stamina
  • Enhances your muscle recovery
  • Improves cardiovascular health
The MuscleTech 100% Premium Whey Protein + is 100% instantised, ultra-high quality whey protein with high concentration of branched-chain amino acids. Apart from common muscle-building ingredients, this supplement contains high concentration of branched-chain amino acids and glutamine, which dramatically enhance the recovery of your muscles from soreness and fatigue, and helps you gain more lean muscles than gained by usual whey protein.
Contains essential nutrients
This MuscleTech 100% Premium Whey Protein+ is a rich nutritional supplement containing whey protein concentrates, isolates and hydrolysates with a recovery blend of creatine, amino acids and glutamine to reduce your post-workout fatigue. Also, there is no sugar added in this whey protein. It is made of sucralose, a natural sweetener with no carbohydrates and sugar. Further, there are no artificial sweeteners added, which makes it perfect for all health-conscious people. This helps you achieve your desired goals much easily than just struggling with heavy workouts.
Maintains body weight and keeps your heart healthy
Only working out in the gym is not enough to get a toned body. You have to add proper nutrients to your diet that may help you gain strength and energy. The MuscleTech 100% Premium Whey Protein+ provides you good amount of BCAAs and other biochemical ingredients that help in reducing body fat and aids in building lean muscles. It can even recover weight loss surgeries, helping you maintain healthy weight. Various cardiovascular problems, like unhealthy cholesterol, hypertension and C-reactive protein, can be prevented by this protein supplement. It can also maintain your blood pressure level, and is helpful for high and low blood pressure problems.
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Supplement Facts

Muscletech-Premium-100_-Whey-Protein-plus-on-Acacia-World Supplement Facts

How to Use

Blend 1 heaping scoop (40 g) to 250 ml of cold water or skimmed milk. Take one full heaped scoop twice a day or as recommended by your trainer.

It is recommended to consume Whey Protein right after your workout session. If you workout in the morning take one scoop after workout and one at night. If you workout in the evening, take one scoop in the morning and one right after your workout.

If you want to increase your protein intake, consume 1-2 additional scoops between meals.

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4.4 overall

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  1. Tapas Sahu


    loved it..specially the ofer given was worth the shot! thank you. overall a good experiance.

    Tapas Sahu

  2. Sylvester Stallone


    Chocolate taste is just Ok, better to buy any other flavor

    Sylvester Stallone

  3. Amit Singh


    Rate wise it’s good. Taste is also very god. waiting for results. Its muscletech so it should be good

    Amit Singh

  4. Manish Pandey

    very good product

    This is such a good product and it taste very fine. The results was also appreciable. I recommened all of u to buy this and use this. specially if you want to bulk

    Manish Pandey

  5. Rohit Khurana


    Cost effective and good on performance, i would give 4 out of 5 stars to the product

    Rohit Khurana

  6. Sambhav Gujral

    good product

    Good results. I take 2 scoops in morning and 2 immediately after exercise. For more results consume according.

    Sambhav Gujral

  7. Ajit Rathore

    MuscleTech 100% Premium Whey Protein+ Chocolate

    An excellent protein, but however the strawberry flavour tastes great as well as mixes better than the chocolate flavour.

    Ajit Rathore

  8. Nagendra

    Really good one

    I tried this product first time. Its really great. Start giving results in 1-1/2 months time.


  9. Krishnan

    gud for lean muscle

    Vry gd for lean muscle bt at d same time u hv to maintain a healthy diet… Workout hard…go fr it…


  10. Parth Shastri

    Nice product

    Bought it long time back Those Who cannot AFFORD ON/Optimum nutririon SHould go for it Nice product

    Parth Shastri

  11. Ishan Bhardwaj

    nice one go for it.

    nice product for beginners from muscletech it works.

    Ishan Bhardwaj

  12. Himanshu


    overall great but not results i expected


  13. Utkarsh Rao

    Nice Product

    Taste doesn’t matter but nice results. Taste is bad.

    Utkarsh Rao

  14. Suraj Namshede

    Amazing Cheap Stuff!

    Go for it its muscleetch its good

    Suraj Namshede

  15. Sushant Agrahari

    A very good whey Protien – Worth !

    This is a very good Protein powder, I usually have it twice daily and I mix one scoop of powder with peanut butter , banana , ice , honey and milk. I make it a proper shake for post work out and post dinner. I do find the difference in just week , the muscle recovery is good and the taste is equally very good. This is surely recommended. This is bit pricey compared to local powders but I am sure quality is very good. No powder would do good to you unless you train hard and take enough rest and eat well. All the best

    Sushant Agrahari

  16. Ankit Deol

    Nice product

    I’ve been using this product since year and half, it works out for real. Started when I was 68 kgs,now I’m 77 kgs. Taste: 5/5. Strength: 4/5. Muscle Built: 4/5. Cost: affordable. Thank You MUSCLETECH

    Ankit Deol

  17. Shan


    I bought one from snapdeal It was fake. Soybean But Acacia is promised authentic product. and i get good results and the taste is also very good not bad as i brought the one from snapdeal. if you buy original then it is Amazing product!!


  18. Kamaljit Singh Kohli

    affordable protein

    Good imported protein at very good rates for those who are seeking to stack on good muscles. use acacia multivitamn with this protein and also add a testosterone booster for better results.

    Kamaljit Singh Kohli

  19. Alok Shrivastava

    good but low protein

    It doesn’t give a 32.7 gym serving with 20gm protein. It gives a 40gm serving with 20gm protein per serving. I great taste, anyways.

    Alok Shrivastava

  20. Atirath

    Great Value for the Price

    For the price, this is one of the best deals from a globally reputed brand. It mixes well, and provides the expected functional benefits of Whey protein. Additionally, the ingredients also include BCAAs and Creatine – which in my opinion makes this a pretty well rounded blend. I got the chocolate flavor and find the taste just kind of ok – it’s got a subtle smell which I personally do not like.


  21. Y.V Reddy

    100%authenticate product

    Acacia selling 100%genuine product… i doubted on amazon coz i purchased muscletech wheu protein…. and i send pic of lot number and expire datr pic to muscletech site and they say’s that this is original product thanx Acacia…

    Y.V Reddy

  22. Abhijeet Leka

    Jus Aww!!!!!!!

    The best in the market!!!!

    Abhijeet Leka

  23. Ashwani Mahashankar

    muscle building and strength

    bought this product in combo and i find it great one for gaining also in weight, strength and muscle build. i had used GNC whey protein but this one is better to use after work out. good to go.

    Ashwani Mahashankar

  24. Ram shekar

    Good Product

    Started using the product from 20 days. Amazing taste, Nice recovery and good development. Not saying you will find the difference so fast but its a very good product. Value for money.

    Ram shekar

  25. Aditya Sunkara


    very nice product, recovery is good, thanks acacia world for giving original products

    Aditya Sunkara


    Muscletech 100% Premium Whey Protein +



  27. Varun Singh

    Full of Protien and Good in Taste

    Taste: Great, rich, chocolatey taste. I usually get kinda bored with plain chocolate shakes after half a tub, but I could see really enjoying using this protein continuously. I think it would also be great with a small spoonful of PB once in a while just to change it up. Unfortunately, I’m in the middle of one of those “biggest loser” competitions at my work, so I’m trying to lay off the pb and milk. But still, even mixed with water the flavor was great. As far as taste goes, I’d say it’s about as good or better than any chocolate powder I’ve tried.
    Mixability: The magic bullet kinda eliminates this scoring category, so I don’t have much to say here. I will add that there is a note on the sample package that says “formulated with 100% Instantized Whey Protein for easy mixing.” Maybe someone who didn’t use a blender to mix this product can add to this for me.
    Effect: It’s hard to give any product a confident score after one or two servings but I can at least say that I felt great (energized and strong) on both days that I took the samples). I use AfterMath post workout, but I wouldn’t be against looking into pricing on this stuff for my breakfast shake each day. It was a nice start to my day for these two days. Can I say that I went into the gym those days and PRd in every lift? Neh… But like I said, it showed me enough to be pleased with my first experience.

    Varun Singh

  28. Gaurav

    muscletech whey protien. review

    This is d product whch give u good recovery n lovely gains not in ur belly bt at ur arms n chest. if u workout properly n take three scope daily one in d morning n other before workout n d last scope immediately after work out…there is no protein in the market at such rate which wil give u this kind of result not comparing wid nyoder its best in his field n give u wt u desire if u workout at heavy weight.In case of comparing this protein to other like syntha6 or muclepharm or goldstandard ,i think they ol r jst names nothing else those prodct r marketed well thats why dey r no. one in the market bt frankly speakin try this with bcaa plus creatine , it will do wonder’s, if u take this individually in dat case it wil give u very formable result bt as i said earlier workout is d big factor if u loose in case of workout it wil not wrk to its best capability..i think i hv taken it third tym n experimenting it again n guess wt iam successful in gains…. so jst dnt think …n buy this product coz its worth buying. (to get best result 4 days training in a week 2 tyms a day morning n evening – 4 scope daily one in the morning before gym n one after then one in evening 1 hour before gym n den immediately after workout.stack it wid ON- BCAA N ny brand creatine.) ol d best to evryone .work hard n be a fitness freak coz fitness leads to good life.;)


  29. Nishant

    Muscletech 100% amazing

    i got muscletech whey for the first time in my life.After consuming i pack i got amazing results, it works a lot! grows lean muscle + strength.Go for it dude!


  30. Umesh Gunjan

    best protein for lean muscle gain

    I used this product for a month and changes are really impressive, I recommend it to everyone

    Umesh Gunjan

  31. Harry Bulchan

    I love it

    Delivery on time, love the product.

    Harry Bulchan

  32. Ravi biswas

    Muscle tech

    Good product…very effective. a bit costly

    Ravi biswas

  33. Anuj Agrawal


    Stack it to get more muscle mass got 2 Kg muscle mass in 2 weeks.

    Anuj Agrawal

  34. priyanka pathak


    it is the most economical whey available in the market. Its good quality. Use it if you are slightly underweight.will provide energy to the body. Nice service by the way from Acacia people.

    priyanka pathak

  35. Ankit

    Great for muscle building

    i am using it for past 20days and it is showing amazing results, it tastes yummy


  36. Prateek Nandan


    taste,protein,caloires,company are good but high in price specially considering that acacia whey totale has 80% protein and muscletech premium whey has only 50% and they are almost same price..But Thanks Acacia for quick delivery.

    Prateek Nandan

  37. Sonu sharma


    Best product at best price

    Sonu sharma

  38. Karun Gupta

    Muscletech whey

    Good in taste and reasonable price protein , purchased3 days back hope for better result

    Karun Gupta


    Very good in taste

    It is very efficient whey protein


  40. Devendra Sehgal


    i am using this protein since 2 years and one of the best protein i have

    Devendra Sehgal

  41. Vivek Minhas

    Best in the category

    This was my fourth bag and I’m fully satisfied with the product. I am getting what I wished from the product. Muscle gaining and performance boost, endurance…just best in the category if you are looking for lean gainin.

    Vivek Minhas

  42. Amit Tandon

    muscletech 100% premium whey protein

    Muscletech 100% premium whey protein works awesome in gaining lean muscles, the strength is endurance it provides during workout is unbelievable. I never get tired working out at gym. This is the best protein in gaining muscle mass rapidly. I always prefer muscletech 100% premium whey protein for my routine workouts…..

    Amit Tandon

  43. Saikumar Patil

    Genuine Product

    Genuine product and delivery on time. Right now using MuscleTech and hope to see some result.

    Saikumar Patil

  44. Nikhil Arora

    Good Product

    This is a great product with outstanding ingredients and quality control. The taste may not be that of a vanilla malt or shake but in my opinion still good enough for what it is. You really don’t drink protein for its taste you drink it for its health benefits.

    Nikhil Arora

  45. Khan Auriya


    From an ordinary 69kgs. I was able to reach 73kgs with a very good BMI score. This product can actually change life. It gives good value for the money that you spend.I would recommend this to everyone.

    Khan Auriya

  46. Dildar Singh

    Fast Results

    i have used many supplements but found MuscleTech Whey Protein Plusof great use and great in results. Beware of duplicate products in the market at cheaper costs, i would recommend to buy from acacia where they give guarantee for being original products. thanks

    Dildar Singh

  47. Danish

    Award winning Taste

    It is the best supplement which mixes instantly and has a great taste in fact has got some award for the taste too. I would suggest to go with this


  48. Keshav Metha

    Nice Product

    I have used many products in the past but i was not 100% satisfied as i was not getting desired results, i came across MuscleTech Whey Protein @ acacia website and i just ordered it after proper investigation, now after using it for 2 months i can see good results, and i am 100% satisfied with this whey Protein. Thank u acacia

    Keshav Metha

  49. Chitranjan

    5 Stars

    I used this product since a long time and i can assure you that this is an amazing product which i feel deserve 5 star rating. Really guys buy it


  50. Joy

    Premium Whey

    I would say this product is really a Premium product i have seen in Whey Protein Category, About results i would say this was quick in showing up the desired results for me. A tested product i would definitely recommend.


  51. Amaan

    tastes great

    Mixes Well with both water and milk, tastes great,I would recommend stirring with a spoon to avoid lumps.


  52. Kshitij Aggarwal


    MuscleTech 100% Premium Whey Protein Plus is the ultimate product which helps you to maintain desired body weight. It is 100% original product.

    Kshitij Aggarwal

  53. Ravi Kumar Verma

    Tested Product

    I tasted this product and found this original product,Quality is excellent results are Amazing

    Ravi Kumar Verma

  54. Dinesh Verma

    Cost effective

    Cost effective whey supplement and good for health… amazing

    Dinesh Verma

  55. Banu Prakesh

    100% Genuine

    Everything that glitz is not gold, Genuine product is rare to find, there are many websites offering you the lowest cost but are they Genuine is a big question. I am thankful to acaciaworld for helping me find genuine product where u get few options to authenticate the product, world class customer service. Thanks

    Banu Prakesh

  56. Inder

    Best in Result

    This product help you to recover fast and maintain lean mass, I have personal experience about this product it is one of the best available in the market.


  57. Sashi

    Premium Whey Protein

    Premium Whey Protein is the best protein which helps to maintain body weight and keeps your heart healthy. I have personally tried many products but found this the best, I recommend thgis product if you are looking to maintain lean muscle.


  58. Vishal

    Energy Boost

    Muscle Tech whey protein is the best to Boosts overall strength and stamina. It also enhances your muscle recovery.


  59. Pradeep

    Original product

    i am satisfied with this product and itz ingenuity…. go for it. The taste is really hood. Results we wil have to wait and see


  60. Vijay

    Superb Customer Experience

    I just love the customer service experience, actually i got my produyct delivered unfortunately the bag was damaged, i called the customercare and they arranged a replacement very quickly. The most effective Customer care i have come across… Keep it up guys


  61. Satyandra singh

    Great Delivery

    No 1 wanted to deliver to my hometown poonch. i calles Acacia and they said we will deliber in just one day. hurry i got it same day evening… along with original packing and seal

    Satyandra singh

  62. Prakash

    Best product

    The best protein supplement i know, highly recommended… go for it


  63. Prince

    4 Stars……

    Tried and tested Product, 100% Original ….go for it. I am fully satisfied with this product. I am using since last 9 months, bought from Acacia World for first time. The price was a bit more than snapdeal, but authenticity is always an issue there. I was a bit doubtful but my friend had recommended Acacia Whey Total. I am not a fan of indian brand but i will give it a try. On time delivery… thanks


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