Acacia Hyper Blitz™ Pre Workout 40 Servings

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Goal: Stamina, Pumps, Endurance & Muscle Growth
Servings: 80 Servings (1/2 Scoop for beginners) | 40 Servings (1 Scoop regular users)

Manufactured for Acacia Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. Fulfilled by Acacia World

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A Pre Workout is not just about Caffeine. A Pre Workout helps you focus, provides your body with energy, supports muscle synthesis, prevents fatigue and injury, helps in proper blood flow to your muscles, helps boost strength and power, prevents dehydration and helps body recover from the strain it has been under when pumping iron.
Hyper Blitz™ is this and much more.
The ingredients in Hyper Blitz™ will not only help you set your workouts on fire, but also your muscles…

Breaking down the Nutritional Facts

Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate: Or AAKG is a more refined form of L Arginine. L Arginine is best used for vasodilation, which means that it expands the blood vessels and allows more blood to flow through. This creates a sudden rush of blood to organs, giving you what is called “Pump”. In the AAKG for, the effect of L Arginine becomes time based. Which means that this feeling of sudden “Pump” is elongated to certain time to avoid a crash in energy. AAKG gives you sustained Pump for 1-2 hours depending on your body, age, gender and the amount of product used.

Citrulline Malate: Is a Nitric Oxide precursor and improves its production in the body. This leads to lower fatigue and increased endurance during workouts.

NewCaff Caffeine: Is a Microencapsulated form of caffeine. With NewCaff the release of caffeine in the body is not sudden like in most pre workouts, which may lead to dizziness or headaches. With NewCaff the release of caffeine is sustained during your workouts. You get equal amount of caffeine during 1-2 hours of your workout period which leads to sustained performance and no crashes.

Creatine Monohydrate: Helps boost power in the body. Creatine helps performance when sudden rush of energy is required, like in heave weight lifting. It also improves Muscular Definition.

Beta Alanine: When you workouts, the pH levels in your muscle cells starts turning acidic, which leads to fatigue. Beta Alanine works at cellular level to stop the pH levels from turning too acidic and delays fatigue in the body, hence enhancing endurance and stamina. It gives a tingling or an itching sensation which is absolutely normal and a sign of a good pre workout.


Consume 1 serving 20 minutes before workouts in 200 ml cold water.

Please note: It is advisable to start with ½ scoop or less to test your tolerance levels. Once determined, you can increase the serving to 1 scoop. Do not exceed 1 scoop per serving.

It is advisable to use Hyper Blitz pre workout at least 6 hours before going to bed as it may hinder your sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a beginner can I use Hyper Blitz pre workout

Yes, you can use Hyper Blitz pre workout to boost your performance as an athlete. Just start with small servings of 1/3 or 1/2 scoops to determine your tolerance levels.

Why does my body start itching with Hyper Blitz?

The itch in your body is caused by Beta Alanine and is perfectly normal. You should get used to the itch as it creates a feeling of rush within the body.


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Supplement Facts

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  1. Jagdish Marwadi (store manager)

    This is really efficient in providing you the the energy required during workouts. helps you to spend more time in gym. JUST AMAZING!!

    Jagdish Marwadi

  2. Prasad Shetty (store manager)

    I was looking for the Pre workout which doesn’t hit your head and make you feel sick, then my friend recommended me Acacia Hyper Blitz and I must tell you this is exactly what I was looking for.

    Prasad Shetty

  3. Shushant Pal (store manager)

    This product works really great for the intense workout regime, it did boost my energy to an incredible limit. You should definitely try this

    Shushant Pal

  4. Shakti Singh (store manager)

    It is DAMDAAR product, helps you perform intense workout without making u feel tired.

    Shakti Singh

  5. Rajiv Menon (store manager)

    This is the only Indian product which I found very useful and is really strong. This product will give u lots of energy needed during intense workout at the same time it doesn’t hit your head like other product.

    Rajiv Menon

  6. Pratik Agarwal (store manager)

    This is the best pre-workout available which gives you awesome results with perfect taste.

    Pratik Agarwal

  7. Kuldeep Singh (store manager)

    Best pre workout in the market. I am taking Blue Raspberry flavour which is quite good. It helps you to maintains your energy level through heavy lifting hence you can go with lot of power for considerable amount of time.

    Kuldeep Singh

  8. Nitish Kumar Sharma (store manager)

    This product is the powerhouse of energy, I would recommend to those who complain that preworkouts doesn’t have any effect on them. TRY THIS ONCE

    Nitish Kumar Sharma

  9. Rohan Singh (store manager)

    Great result I do intense workout and when using this I get the Pump and energy to perform my exercise.

    Rohan Singh

  10. Mikhail Bhuta (store manager)

    Take this Pre-Workout just 15 mins prior to your workout and I am sure you will feel more like HULK, best thing is that it doesn’t hit your head and doesn’t interfere with sleep.

    Mikhail Bhuta

  11. Deepak sharma (store manager)

    Very strong Pre workout for beginners, I would suggest start with half scoop.

    Deepak sharma

  12. Rutvik (store manager)

    Personally i liked the product very much. It gives me the required pump for my workout. Awesome Product


  13. Ashit Bali (store manager)

    I have been using this since 6 months, the best flavour is the Blue Raz. This is value for money and best pre work out for gym goers. You Must try to create good pump in body building.

    Ashit Bali

  14. Avinash Gaurav (store manager)

    Best is its class Pre-workout having mazing results and taste. I surely recommend this to gym lovers to buy as it is worth the money.

    Avinash Gaurav

  15. Naval Sain (store manager)

    Right blend of ingredients best needed to provide you power, pump and energy.

    Naval Sain

  16. Zoheb khan (store manager)

    This Pre Workout is amazing at it’s price point…. As the name is Hyper Blitz it really gives u lots of energy in a jiffy.

    Zoheb khan

  17. Ratnesh Jain (store manager)

    The product is working perfectly fine for me providing abundant pump during workout . Used for a month. No problem at all.

    Ratnesh Jain

  18. Arun Srivastava (store manager)

    A product with a difference, have shown great results and comes with lot of energy needed by gym goers.

    Arun Srivastava

  19. Ravi Verma (store manager)

    I will highly recommend this to everyone looking for extra energy during workout, at the same time it is much affordable. Please start with half scoop and then slowly go to 1 full scoop.

    Ravi Verma

  20. Ashlay Lobo (store manager)

    This Pre Workout is the best one available in the market in terms of the results and price. My friend has suggested me this product and I am regularly using it since past 4 months. It gives you the right pump needed during the exercise regime

    Ashlay Lobo

  21. Rafey Khan (store manager)

    My Best Buddy.
    This Pre-workout has turned to be my best buddy coz it has really shown me the best results i was looking for.

    Rafey Khan

  22. GURMEET SETHI (store manager)

    This the really the best Pre Workout I wanted as this fuels me with the abundance of energy needed during my workouts, it doesn’t hit on the head. I would recommend start with half scoop. Use it without any doubts.


  23. Gaurav Mishra (store manager)

    Best Pre workout i have ever used, it beats the bestselling pre-workouts in the market. It is cost effective and goes easy on pockets for the regular users.

    Gaurav Mishra

  24. Amit Thakur (store manager)

    This preworkout is really strong, If you are a beginner start with half scoop 10-15 mins before workout.

    Amit Thakur

  25. Ankit Chugh (store manager)

    This is insane pre-workout available in the market, I love the kick it gives me before the workout.

    Ankit Chugh

  26. Debayan Gupta (store manager)

    I have never used pre workout and taken this for first time,I was amazed to see my performance after using this, it has helped me develop my focus while doing my exercise. Highly recommended.

    Debayan Gupta

  27. Gaurav Singh (store manager)

    Awesome preworkout, boosts energy, helps perform intense training. Taste is always awesome.

    Gaurav Singh

  28. Shubham

    best results

    no crashes during exercise, love the product


  29. Arnav


    There is a very good surge of energy after about 20 minutes of consuming this. You can also feel the effects of beta alanine under your sking. good taste and overall a very good product. highly recommended.


  30. Vijaya M

    Love the taste

    I liked the taste, that’s the first thing you notice when you consume a product.
    You start getting that tingling sensation in 10-15 minutes and it lasts for around 1 hour if you consume 1 scoop and it will last even after your workout if you consume 2 scoops which is the recommended serving size.
    The heart rate goes up with Caffeine and if you are into cardio it will most definitely help increase your stamina.
    I am not yet sure about the other muscle building ingredients, i guess that one can only know after some time.

    Vijaya M

  31. Arman

    Good product

    Yes, the supplement facts look good.
    i have one suggestion, 1 scoop seems a little less for me and 2 scoops i am not able to bear.
    So i guess that the perfect sweet spot would be somewhere at around 1.5 scoops (7.5 Grams).
    Otherwise the product is quite amazing and i would rate it even better than Cellucor C4.


  32. Hrishikesh

    Awesome product

    I have always bought any acacia product that’s launched and i must say that you guys put a lot of effort in your products.
    The supplement facts are quite impressive.
    I am consuming only 1 scoop (serving size is 2 scoops) and i am still getting good results. Keep up the great work


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