Product Expiry


Acacia World makes an effort to sell only fresh products to our Customers.

However, some products we receive are nearing expiry date. The company from which the product was sourced, gives huge discounts or deals on these products and we mention clearly, the expiry date on the product page.

There are many reasons why the Product reaches expiry date, but mostly it is because the containers in which these are imported are stalled by customs and are not cleared, sometimes for more than 10-12 months.

Expiry Date should be considered as a date from which the product MAY start losing its effectiveness. Expiry Dates are usually kept well ahead of such times when the product becomes unfit to consume. In our experinece, most professional (sponsored) athletes consume near expiry or even expired products because they can get those at much cheaper price. Most products have 3-6 months more shelf life left even after expiry dates. However, we ask our customers to try and consume the product before it reaches expiry date.