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Ultimate Nutrition Ultra Ripped Fat Burner 180 Capsules

Ultimate Nutrition Ultra Ripped Fat Burner 180 Capsules

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  • Ultimate Nutrition Ultra Ripped Fat Burner 180 Capsules Ultimate Nutrition Ultra Ripped Fat Burner 180 Capsules

Ultimate Nutrition Ultra Ripped Fat Burner 180 Capsules

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Regular Price: ₹2,499.00

Special Price ₹1,899.00

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Additional Information

Product Info
Goal Fat loss, Cuting 
Number of Servings 90
Serving Size 2 capsules
Chromium 100 mcg
Garcinia 1200 mg
Bitter Orange 133 mg
Special Ingredients Ultra Ripped Proprietary Blend
Main Ingredient Garcinia (Fruit extract)
Protein type N/A
Vegetarian/Non-Vegetarian Vegetarian
Packaging Jar
Country of Manufacture USA



Importer Kar Enterprises
Importer's Seal  Yes
Fulfilled by Acacia World

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Thermogenesis is a process that increases the metabolic rate. Citrus aurantium delivers a unique combination of five adrenergic amines (synephrine, N-methyltyramine, hordenine, octopamin, and tyramine) to stimulate beta-3 receptors that increase the rate at which fat is released from the body stores (lipolysis) and increase the resting metabolic rate.

At the same time, garcinia extract, which includes (-) hydroxy citric acid (HCA), increases the production and storage of glycogen while reducing both appetite and weight gain. HCA also causes calories to be burned in an energy cycle similar to thermogenesis.

White willow bark extract, standardized for salicin, provides a synergistic action in elevating energy expenditure. Studies have shown that salicin, when used in combination with other thermogenic supplements, helps promote increased fat oxidation.

Green tea supplies natural caffeine and potent polyphenols (catechins), especially epigalloocatechin gallate (EGCG) that activates the central nervous system, elevating the body’s ability to burn calories and unwanted fat cells through the thermogenic process.

Similar to green tea, Brazilian guarana, another source of natural caffeine, acts synergistically with other ingredients of Ultra Ripped® to promote thermogenesis,

Ultimate Nutrition®‘s Ultra Ripped® (ephedra free) capsules are manufactured under the strictest quality control to ensure your satisfaction. Ultra Ripped® should be combined with physical activity, exercise and imrpoved diet.

  1. just an okay-ish fat burner.. you can buy if you are low on budget review by Aslam Bajwa on 8/5/2017
    How do you rate this product? *

    The results were not that impressive, but given its low price it isn't that bad.

  2. awesome product review by Mukesh Rehman on 8/5/2017
    How do you rate this product? *

    though i took only one capsule....it was great...and very very good but not easily available..highly recomended

  3. Great product review by Ankush Garg on 8/5/2017
    How do you rate this product? *

    This is the fat burner without caffine means no side effect it reduces my 4kg with a diet plan in 15 days nice product

  4. Boosts Metabolism... review by Tanmay Bhatia on 8/5/2017
    How do you rate this product? *

    Ultra Ripped Provides an Effective Product for Weight Loss.It also Provides a Source of Energy for the Athlete and Regulates the Basal Metabolic Rate for Optimal Health for All Age Groups. Ultimate Nutrition's Ultra Ripped is Designed not only to Stimulate the Metabolism to Burn Fat but also to Promote Good Health over the Long Run.It is Comprised of Powerful Ingredients that are Proven to Jump Start even the Most Sedentary Metabolism.Why Ultra Ripped is Out of Stock from such a Long Time? is Acacia Facing any Financial Issues or Problems? Kindly Solve it Soon & Inform.Thanks

  5. an awesome product review by Akhilesh Shah on 8/5/2017
    How do you rate this product? *

    Dont be fooled by the low price tag.. its quite amazing how effective this product is

  6. good product review by Bhavar Gupta on 8/5/2017
    How do you rate this product? *

    decent for fat loss.

  7. Increases Calorie Burning... review by Ankush tyagi on 8/5/2017
    How do you rate this product? *

    You can feel the fire buring inside you when you take this. its a decent supplement. they dont claim any miracles with ultra ripped, atleast not on the bottle. a good diet is a must for leaning down. good supplement. don't expect extreme fat loss.

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Size: 2 Capsules
Servings per Container: 90

Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Chromium 100 mcg 83% (as chromium polynicotinate)
Garcinia (fruit extract) 1200 mg * (standardized for 50% hydroxy citric acid)
Bitter Orange (fruit extract) 133 mg * (standardized for ≥11% amines - synephrine,
N-methyltyramine, hordinine, octapamine and tyramine)
Ultra Ripped Proprietary Blend 277 mg * Guarana (seed extract) (standardized for 22% caffeine), Green Tea (leaf extract) (standardized for polyphenols (catechins) including epigallocatechin (EGCG) and caffeine). White Willow (bark extract) (standardized for 15% salicin)
* Daily Value not established

Other Ingredients: gelatin, microcrystalline cellulose, and magnesium stearate.
Note: Each serving contains 27mg of caffeine.

Directions: Take 2 capsules with eight oz of water two times daily, one hour before meals (breakfast and lunch). On training days, take an additional serving 30 minutes before exercise. Do not take in the evening or within five hours of bedtime.

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