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Pure Power Stack on Acacia World

Pure Power Stack

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  • Pure Power Stack on Acacia World Pure Power Stack on Acacia World

Pure Power Stack

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From: ₹4,078.08

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Goal Power Boost, Muscle building
Expected result 1-3 Kg lean muscle gain per month, significant increase in weight lifting capacity
Suggested use duration 4 months (or by when you reach your goals)
Total daily Protein in stack Approx 50-75 G
Total daily Carbs in stack Approx 1-6 G
Total daily Fats in stack Approx 1-6 G
Main Ingredients Protein, Vitamins, Minerals, Glutamine
Special Instructions Use L-Carnitine if you have additional fat in the body
Protein type Extremely Fast to Extremely Slow  Digesting Protein obtained from various sources
Vegetarian/Non-Vegetarian Mixed
Packaging Jar/Pouch/Tub
Country of Manufacture Mixed
Offer No


For Pure Power, you need to work on getting bursts of power for short duration of time and the longevity of this power. The major role is played by Creatine, which provides this power during intense training. Then you will also need to develop muscles that support this power.

Here is the recommended stack.

Protein Blend: Is a blend of various kinds of Protein including Whey Concentrate, Isolate, Hydrolysate, Casein, Soy, Egg and Milk Protein. All these various kinds of Protein have various digestion rates, which means that they will provide protein in Phases. First, the Hydrolysates will digest, releasing protein to muscles immediately, then isolates, then concentrate and so on. This goes on for 5-8 hours depending upon the product and its ingredients and keeps your muscles in anabolic state for long duration. This also means that you don't get fatigued easily.

Pre Workout: Will ensure longevity. You need to train as hard as possible, but you do not want fatigue to set in. Various pre workout supplements have various effects. Just choose the one right for you.

Creatine: This forms the bedrock of power. Creatine comes into play during intense training. The Glycogen reserves of your body deplete within 2-3 reps and then your body needs Creatine to continue. Creatine does not take effect immediately like Pre Workout, but takes around 15 days to start releasing power for you.

Testosterone Booster: These help boost a hormone called Testosterone, that helps improve overall strength and endurance in the body. ZMAs can also be used instead of Testosterone Boosters.

Protein Bars (Optional): Most often, especially for working people, it becomes impossible to find a high nutrition snack. You feel really hungry during snack time (4pm – 6pm) and do not have many options. In this case you can use Protein Bars. Just take some with you and munch on them whenever you feel hungry. This is the best way to stop yourself from snacking on Junk. 


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Protein Blend | Pre Workout | Creatine | Testosterone Booster | Protein Bars 


Protein Blend: Use 1 scoop after workout and 1 scoop at night 20-30 mins before going to bed.

Creatine: Add 1 serving (5-10 G depending upon the serving size per product) to your post workout Protein Shake and consume. 

Pre Workout: Needs to be taken before workout. Add 1 serving to chilled water and consume 10-15 minutes before workout.

Testosterone Booster: 2 Capsules (or 1 serving) to be consumed at night just before sleeping. 

Protein Bars: Can be used at any time. It can be used as a Meal Replacement or as an added nutritional supplement to help you achieve the desired calories per day.

If you workout in the evening, then have your protein blend right after workout (along with Creatine) and 1 scoop of Protein blend in the morining before or with breakfast.

Note: If Testosterone Booster/ZMA interferes with you sleep by any chance, just take 1 capsule before sleep and one during the day with meals.