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Acacia Whey Totalé™

Acacia Whey Totalé™

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  • Acacia Whey Totalé™ Acacia Whey Totalé™
  • Acacia Whey Totalé™ Acacia Whey Totalé™

Acacia Whey Totalé™

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Regular Price: ₹5,899.00

Special Price ₹4,299.00

Availability: In stock

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Regular Price: ₹5,899.00

Special Price ₹4,299.00

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Additional Information

Product Info
Goal Lean Muscle, Strength and Endurance
Number of Servings 70 (5 Lb) | 28 (2 Lb)
Serving Size 32.4 g
Protein per Serving 26 g
Carbs 0.6 G
Fats 0.6 G
Special Ingredients Naturally occouring BCAAs and Glutamine
Main Ingredient Whey Concentrate
Protein type Fast digesting Milk Protein
Vegetarian/Non-Vegetarian Vegetarian
Packaging Jar
Country of Manufacture India




Pay via NEFT Funds Transfer. Get 2% extra off
Buy 2 or more Whey Totalé and get Rs. 200 extra off
Rs. 200 Extra OFF on Fruit Punch Flavour



Acacia Whey Totalé™ is a result of years of research. We have created the best protein supplement in the industry by working along with hundreds of trainers and thousands of fitness enthusiasts.

26g of protein per serving

With each serving (32.4 g) of Acacia Whey Totalé™ you get 26 g of highly potent protein. Proteins are the building blocks of the body as they help form the structural component of body tissues. They are also needed to make up muscle tissue which in turn helps to keep our bodies active, strong, and healthy. Most proteins are stored in the body as muscle, generally accounting for around 40-45% of our body’s total pool, so it makes sense that if you increase activity, to improve health and fitness or body composition, you also need to increase your protein intake.

Less than 127 Calories per serving

Acacia Whey Totalé™ is not only loaded with all the good stuff like Whey Proteins, BCAAs & Glutamine, it comes with an extremely low calorie count. With 0.6 grams of Carbs, 0.6 gram of fats and an overall calorie count of less than 127 per scoop, you can build solid muscle without having to worry about the body flab.

Added BCAAs

Each serving of Acacia Whey Totalé™ contains 5.8 grams of naturally occouring BCAAs. BCAAs are essential for building cells and repairing tissue damage that the body incurs during each workout session. They prevent Fatigue, Muscular Catabolism and aid in faster recovery.

Added Glutamine

Glutamine boosts immune system, maintains muscle mass and a healthy Gut.

Added Vitamins and Minerals

Acacia Whey Totalé™ is enriched with high quality essential vitamins like Vitamin A, B, C and E along with Minerals like Calcium, Iron, Potassium, Sodium, Zinc, Phosphorus and Magnesium. These supplement your body growth, relieve you from stress, improve your mental agility, increase your testosterone levels and prevent many diseases.

  1. Great supplement! helps in recovering from a workout session review by Dr Radika on 10/8/2017
    How do you rate this product? *

    Great supplement! helps in recovering from a workout session! very tasty as well!

  2. Whey review by Rupanshu on 10/7/2017
    How do you rate this product? *

    If has worked for me, give me and has kept me energetic all day.

  3. Wonderful results review by Arnab on 9/26/2017
    How do you rate this product? *

    I have been using acacia whey totale for last 2months and I have found amazing results with increase in strength and endurance. I am completely satisfied with the product and would definitely recommend it to my other friends in the gym. Please keep up the good work. COMPLETELY SATISFIED!!!!

  4. Superb product review by Suraj on 9/20/2017
    How do you rate this product? *

    Have been using this for last 2 years, ever since it was launched. I see my review that was posted on the earlier website is not here. So here goes. I am writing this after using almost 10 5 lb buckets:
    1. Taste: i have tried all the flavours launched by Acacia and here they are in order of my preference:
    1 Strawberry
    2 Chocolate
    3 Cappuccino
    4 Butterscotch
    5 Mango
    6 Fruit Punch
    Almost all the flavours are great (depending on your preference) except maybe Fruit Punch.

    2. Mixability: I have noticed mixability change a bit depending on weather and seasons. Maybe it depends on the quality of water. The mixability ranges between excellent and good.

    3. Results: In first 2 months, i got amazing results. After that the results slowed down a bit. I then used Casein and BCAA to get results on the track. My bicep size is now 17.2. When i started using it my size was 13.7. I lift 100 Kg bench now. When i started it was 20 Kg.
    I can vouch for results of whey totale.

  5. Good product. Value for money review by Samrat on 9/20/2017
    How do you rate this product? *

    Delivered on time. Packaging was good. Taste Is great and effective whey protein. Awsome product. Worth buying

  6. Disappointed review by Amit on 9/20/2017
    How do you rate this product? *

    Mix ability is third class. Taste is awful. I mean.. Really awful. It can be galloped with milk but if you are mixing it in water then please consume it under an expert supervision. No noticeable results. It just provides relief when I take it after my heavy workout. It seems that I should stick to optimum nutrition.

  7. Good protein review by Arnav on 9/15/2017
    How do you rate this product? *

    The product was good, good tatse and mixability, delivery was late even when i paid rs 100 for express delivery, other than that good

  8. Good taste. Good results. review by Sameer on 9/15/2017
    How do you rate this product? *

    Helps in recovery. Does not cause bloating.

  9. Average review by abhay on 9/12/2017
    How do you rate this product? *

    I purchased 2 whey totale back to back and nothing much of result i got. May be it is not meant for my body type.

  10. Genuine product, cheaper than other brands review by Geeta on 9/11/2017
    How do you rate this product? *

    I really liked the product. Its a genuine product. Other than 26g of protein per scoop, it also provides me with the required necessary vitamins and minerals. Its relatively cheaper than the other similar products available out there in the market.

  11. Good product. helps in building muscles if u combine it with exercise and proper diet. review by Dr Radika on 8/20/2017
    How do you rate this product? *

    Good product. Helps in building muscles if u combine it with exercise and proper diet. I reached Acacia after searching for good Whey protein online in India. It has served its purpose by making me feel refreshed after my workout and giving me stamina. Go for it!

  12. Excellent product review by Priyanshu on 8/11/2017
    How do you rate this product? *

    Its a great product. I like the way the Chocolate flavour is. It's quite mild and not too sweet. I have gained some good muscles with the 2 lb pack. Going to order 5 lb pack soon. Please increase your brand awareness.

  13. Very nice product. review by Puri on 3/10/2017
    How do you rate this product? *

    I read about this product online and bought it. The delivery was very prompt. I loved the interaction with the nutritionist. He conveyed nice advice and did not try to sell the product which was very impressive.
    I was glad to have ordered the product, it was very very tasty. I have never tasted anything so good. Great Products. Keep it up

  14. Very nice product! Need faster delivery in Chennai review by Dheeraj on 3/10/2017
    How do you rate this product? *

    In ordered The product on Monday and it reached on the next Tuesday. I need better delivery. I can understand that you ship the product from entirely different part of the country, but please do try to improve your shipping.
    I would give the product 10/10.
    Taste, solubility, resuts everything is perfect.
    I would suggest anyone who can wait for a day or two longer to go for Acacia Whey Totale. Totally worth it.

  15. Great taste, nice aroma, very good results review by Kirat on 3/10/2017
    How do you rate this product? *

    I was glad that i ordered Whey Totale. I have yet to encounter a better tasting protein (i have not used international brands due to money crunch).
    I used MFF earlier but the quality was too poor. They had a very attractive packaging but taste and results were just below average.
    I wanted to go for MB, when i found out about Whey Totale. It's been 1 week and i have noticeable difference in recovery times and overall satisfaction.
    Kudos for a great product

  16. Best whey ever review by Himanshu on 3/10/2017
    How do you rate this product? *

    I was a bit dissatisfied with the delivery. I live in Pune and it took 5 days to reach me. But i am so much satisfied with this whey that i will not mind 1 or 2 days extra that it takes to reach me rather than when i order from Healthkart and all.
    I like the simplicity of the product and when i took it to the gym in the shaker bottle also from acacia everyone was curious.
    I had my friends taste it and they all liked it a lot.
    nice product. If you improve the delivery system, you will be number one.

  17. Just cant stop loving it review by Pankaj on 3/10/2017
    How do you rate this product? *

    I can't believe i found Totale. It was pretty hard considering its not marketed as loudly as other brands, but what a winner i picked.
    I seriously think that there is something added in this product to make you like it. I was actually bored of chocolate flavour. I tried a lot of other brands as well, but there is something different about this whey.
    Results and all are quite satisfactory. But you just can't beat the taste.
    Tip: Use blender or a mixi to mix the shake rather than a shaker and i assure you it will taste 10 times better.

  18. surprised by the quality review by Rathore boyz on 3/10/2017
    How do you rate this product? *

    I was a bit apprehensive about this whey. I talked to their customer care and they convinced me to buy it. And i must say, i am quite happy i did. I usually don't write reviews, but the sweet people of Acacia World requested me to and i am doing so now. I am not sure what else to write.
    Just that i am not going back to international brands when you get the same (if not better) thing at much less price

  19. Nice combo Whey Totale and Creatine review by Nitin on 3/10/2017
    How do you rate this product? *

    The results started showing within a couple of days. I must say that i was sceptical when i got Creatine free with Whey Totale. But anyways i had a go with it. I was looking to gain some muscles and i was quite impressed with the combination of both Whey and Creatine. I think the price is just too good to resist and the quality is quite good.

  20. So many supplements! review by Suraj Brinda on 3/10/2017
    How do you rate this product? *

    Ordered the combo Whey+Soy. I knew that they had freebies, but i was overwhelmed with the number of packages that came along. I got a Whey 5 Lb, Creatine, Soy 5l, Soy 2 Lb and a Shaker on special request.
    The price that i paid was so good that its a pleasure having so many supplements all at the same time. I got Rs. 200 off when i ordered both and i paid via NEFT and got additional 2% off. What else could i ask for.
    Results: It's too early to say, but i am loving the taste.
    Soy is not in the same league as whey and the shake is not as smooth as whey. But that is to be expected of soy, which is not quite soluble

  21. Great product at great price !! review by Abhishek on 3/10/2017
    How do you rate this product? *

    Okay, now I would like to share my personal experience with acacia whey totale.
    I am going to write its review after using it for almost more than a month and I would rate it considering its price. Now let's come to the main point :
    Taste: 10/10 .It has a rich chocolate taste which high international whey brands have. Better than all Indian brands.
    Solubility - 9/10 . It has a good Solubility but I think it has better solubility in water than in milk.
    Results: Ya I have gained lean muscles but there are still to come. I have also got the right shape in my body.
    Customer support - 10/10 . A big thank you the customer support of acacia they have always helped me, whether it's related to their products or any bodybuilding advice.
    And let me tell you I have used international whey proteins also but guys trust me Acacia is the best in this price. If you are thinking to buy it just go for it, don't doubt about anything . True review from a true whey totale user. Best of luck.

  22. Credibility? review by Akash on 3/10/2017
    How do you rate this product? *

    Umm I haven't bought whey totale yet but what seemed fishy to me is that any whey protein,no matter what brand it is,should have atleast 5gm bcaa per 25g whey,its like genetic thumbprint of whey.however acacia whey totale has 5g bcaa per 100g whey.Wondering how that's possible. Management if you're reading this,kindly reply as Im interested in buying this product. Thanks

  23. BCAA in whey review by Rohit on 3/10/2017
    How do you rate this product? *

    This is in response to a query that 'genetic thumbprint' of whey contains 5.5 gm of BCAA. Well, no it does not.. It is an additive. I guess you are comparing it with ON gold standard - which has 5.5 gm of 'added' BCAA.

  24. Very Slow review by Rohit on 3/10/2017
    How do you rate this product? *

    I have placed my order on 23/02/16. Its been 3 days and the order details are yet to be updated. It still shows PROCESSING. However, when I messaged Acacia yesterday on Facebook, I was informed that the products have been dispatched. Wish Acacia updates the delivery details as soon as they dispatch the items rather than the customer following periodically.

  25. Just wow! review by Nikhil on 3/9/2017
    How do you rate this product? *

    Ok! first of all i liked the aroma of strawberry flavour and i really look forward to having it the whole day. I have tried 3 different flavours from Acacia, but strawberry is simply the best.
    The result is undoubtedly good.
    Just a suggestion. Please decrease the amount of sweetness just a bit in strawberry flavour

  26. I am loving it review by Haider on 3/9/2017
    How do you rate this product? *

    The best flavour is Strawberry. I like it more than chocolate.
    The taste, the solubility and the results, recover etc.. everyting is just great. Highly recommended product

  27. Strawberry flavour rocks! review by Parikshit on 3/9/2017
    How do you rate this product? *

    It's great to see that an Indian company is doing well here.
    No Aspartame and still such great taste.
    It's really good.
    Results are also quite decent.

  28. What flavour would you like? review by Niketan on 3/9/2017
    How do you rate this product? *

    whey Totalé has become quite Legendary at least for me.
    The kind of quality they offer for the price they charge makes me feel quite good about the product.
    For me, it's just that matter or which flavour to choose.
    I have tried Chocolate and Vanilla. Both were good, but i realised that i am a fan of the strawberry flavour.
    It feels great when i am doing last sets in the gym to think about having tasty whey Total. Believe it or not it sometimes motivates me to go to the gym when i feel lazy!

  29. Awesome Mango Flavour review by Shyam on 3/9/2017
    How do you rate this product? *

    I was a bit hesitant to buy the mango flavour as i had tried the 2lb pack of Chocolate flavour before, but the taste was really good.
    The ebst part is the results , which start showing from first week. I did feel an increase in strength and i can lift more weights. I am into the 5th week now and i am being able to see good cuts in my body and my weight has increased from 64 to 66 Kg. 2 Kg of Pure muscle mass.

    I do wish that you guys improve your shipping, it took 10 days to reach Bangalore.

  30. Awesome product review by Prabhat on 3/9/2017
    How do you rate this product? *

    First of all, hats of to Acacia for their awesome packaging and prompt delivery. Product was also genuine.
    In terms of taste, though I don't prefer chocolate tastes at all but surprisingly, I found this flavor superb.
    In terms of its effect, since I have recently started consuming it, it will take some time to show the results though I feel slight changes in my physique. Would definitely buy it again. Thanks

  31. Service - Terrific Delivery to Bangalore review by Sanjoy on 3/9/2017
    How do you rate this product? *

    I ordered it after seeing the reviews but was worried about the delivery time to Bangalore.
    Ordered online on Satuday morning, called and spoke to the customer care who were very accommodating and vouched to send it on Saturday by FeDex on the same day. And told me it will take 5 days. I got it today Monday in Bangalore residence. 2 days delivery, simply incredible!! THANKS ACACIA!!

    Note: This was not an express delivery but a normal one.

    PS: I shall come back on the protein quality after using it for a month.

  32. Decent protein at this price review by Sumit on 3/9/2017
    How do you rate this product? *

    Decent protein. Helped to maintain my size and mass. Good option if you are hard on your budget. Authentic protein, so thumbs up to the team.

  33. Worth money review by Gaurav on 3/9/2017
    How do you rate this product? *

    PROs - Effective enough if you workour regularly. I can feel the glutamine comforting my muscles quite soon. Muscle growth supported noticeably.
    CONs - Simply bad mixture and tasteless. I had ordered and received the chocolate flavour but I could not taste chocolate at all. It won't mix with milk at all although with water it fares a bit better, not much though.

  34. Great flavour cappuccino review by Raman Vij on 3/9/2017
    How do you rate this product? *

    I have already been using Whey Totale as my preferred brand of protein. The only thing to choose from is the flavours. Most of the flavours Acacia comes up with are good and i liked Cappuccino quite a lot. It's now my 2nd Favourite flavour after Strawberry.

  35. Great Product but disappointed with service review by Partho Pritam on 3/9/2017
    How do you rate this product? *

    The address that was put on the courier was wrong. Had to wait 6 days for delivery to Amritsar. The product was quite good. I am feel my buceps has gone up from 14.2 to 14.6 in 1 month.
    I like the cappuccino flavour. It feels like one is having coffe at CCD. Not kidding.

  36. Whey Totale rox review by Anshul on 3/9/2017
    How do you rate this product? *

    If you like coffee, the you should go for cappuccino flavour. It may get some boring after some time, but if you love coffee then this is amazing like me.
    Results, will have to wait. Like all people are saying, there is definitely more power to pick up weights in me now. I am more interested to see big biceps and chest. Hopefully i will achieve that.

  37. worth the money review by Amanvir on 3/9/2017
    How do you rate this product? *

    I am submitting this review after using this product for 22 days.. Well like others i also have doubts that it is indian brand,it may not be as good as international ones...but still i ordered it also got garcinia Cambodia caps by spending extra 50bucks .. guys believe me..after using this product i can say that it is upto the par with those high end international brands..to be honest way better than some of them.. Great recovery..great gains.. I gained almost 1.5kg of lean mass after using this..also the fat body% reduced from 16 to 14% ..but other than this suppliment i consumed 60-70gm protein from food..so diet is must...I the end i say amazing product .. Must buy..worth every penny..

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acacia whey totalé supplement acts on acacia world

Blend 1 heaping scoop (32.4 g) to 200 ml of cold water or skimmed milk. Take one full heaped scoop twice a day or as recommended by your trainer.

It is recommended to consume Whey Totale™ right after your workout session. If you workout in the morning take one scoop after workout and one at night. If you workout in the evening, take one scoop in the morning and one right after your workout.

If you want to increase your protein intake, consume 1-2 additional scoops between meals.

To know more about consumption of Whey Totale™ click How to consume Whey Proteins

Allow your muscle groups to rest for at least 48 hours before you work the out again to gain most from Whey Totale™.

Tip: Mix Whey Totale™ with Soy Totale™ to gain maimum results. Use Whey Totale™ right after your workout and Soy Totale™ before going to bed. 

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