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Acacia Whey Isolean™

Acacia Whey IsoLean™ 0 Carbs

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  • Acacia Whey Isolean™ Acacia Whey Isolean™

Acacia Whey IsoLean™ 0 Carbs

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Regular Price: ₹7,469.00

Special Price ₹5,599.00

Availability: In stock

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Regular Price: ₹7,469.00

Special Price ₹5,599.00

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Goal Lean Muscle, Fat Loss, Quick Recovery
Number of Servings 60 (4.4 Lb) | 27 (2 Lb)
Serving Size 34 g (1 heaping scoop)
Protein per Serving 29 g
Carbs 0 G
Fats 0.34 G
Special Ingredients Dietary Fiber, BCAAs and Glutamine
Main Ingredient Whey Isolate
Protein type Extremely Fast digesting Milk Protein
Vegetarian/Non-Vegetarian Vegetarian
Packaging Jar
Country of Manufacture India

Pay via NEFT Funds Transfer. Get 2% extra off

Buy 2 or more Whey Isolean and get Rs. 200 extra off


29g of protein per serving

With each serving (32.4 g) of Acacia Whey IsoLean™ you get 29 g of highly potent isolated protein. Acacia Whey IsoLean™ helps you get most out of your workouts because you get pure whey isolate without a trace of whey concentrate. Acacia Whey IsoLean™ is prepared using a series of highly sophisticated ion-exchange separation technique so that excess Carbs and Fats are removed from the Mixture and you get pure and highly digestible Isolate.


0 Gram Carbs and Less than 0.4 gram Fat per serving

Acacia Whey IsoLean™ is prepared using the Acacia Lean Muscle Formula to ensure that your body gets the best nutrition. Acacia Whey IsoLean™ is not only loaded with all the good stuff like Whey Protein Isolates, BCAAs & Glutamine, it comes with an extremely low fat count and carbs. With 0 gram of Carbs, less than 0.4 gram of fats and an overall calorie count of 123 per serving, you can build solid muscle without having to worry about the body flab.


6.9 G BCAAs

Each serving of Acacia Whey IsoLean™ contains  6.9 G grams of naturally occouring BCAAs. BCAAs are essential for building cells and repairing tissue damage that the body incurs during each workout session. They prevent Fatigue, Muscular Catabolism and aid in faster recovery.


4.6 G Glutamine

Glutamine boosts immune system, maintains muscle mass and a healthy Gut.


Added Vitamins and Minerals

Acacia Whey IsoLean™ is enriched with high quality essential vitamins like Vitamin A, B, C and E along with Minerals like Calcium, Iron, Potassium, Sodium, Zinc, Phosphorus and Magnesium. These supplement your body growth, relieve you from stress, improve your mental agility, increase your testosterone levels and prevent many diseases.

  1. Great product review by Prashant on 3/9/2017
    How do you rate this product? *

    Its 100% whey protein isolate of highest quality protein.I am using it for last two months my aim was to loose fat with maintaining muscles. This is the perfect protein if you want lean body.Its easy to digest and highly recommended.I lost 6 Kg in two months with proper diet plan including complex carbs(brown rice,broccoli and oats) as source of energy and natural protein sources throughout the day(chicken breast,fish and egg white) and this amazing product just after workout.Healthkart should not the change price as the Rupee is getting stronger

  2. Best value for money review by Jamil on 3/9/2017
    How do you rate this product? *

    Really great taste with drastic improvement in the growth of my muscle without fat which is my dream, I love this ultimate product. I strongly recommend for vegetarians. Its much much cheaper than any other Isolate on the market. It provides 90% Whey Isolate and 0 Carbs which is just brilliant. Only one supplement can be compared to this and that is IsoPure. But Isopure will burn a hole in your pocket.

  3. My first Acacia Product review by Gautam on 3/9/2017
    How do you rate this product? *

    Heard a lot about Acacia and finally went with Isolean. Must say that i was actually blown away by the quality.
    Here is how i rate it:
    Website: 10/10
    Customer service: 10/0
    Shipping: 5/10
    Packaging: 7/10
    Product Taste: 9/10
    Mixability: 9/10
    Results: 9/10
    Overall experience: 9/10

    Will definitely go for the 5 Lb pack

  4. Bad shipping experience but great customer experience review by Aradhaya on 3/9/2017
    How do you rate this product? *

    I ordered Isolean on 2nd Jan. I received the product in Delhi on 6th Jan (which is quite slow). The lid of the product was broken and the jar was compressed badly.
    I complained about the same to Acacia and they immediately sent in a new order. Again, i received my order on 11th Jan. This time the product was in perfect condition!
    So it took 9 days for me to taste the product, but i am quite liking it now.
    Let's see how the results are and will think of going with Whey Totale next maybe or Casein

  5. Worth it! review by Aparajita on 3/9/2017
    How do you rate this product? *

    Whey Isolean was pointed out to me by my trainer.
    It has been 2 months since i have been regularly using whey isolean and the product quality is very good.
    I have been going on low carbs diet and mostly for weight loss i think that Isolean is great. 0 carbs is the highlight for me!
    Nice service too by Acacia World.

  6. Best whey i have had review by Romit on 3/9/2017
    How do you rate this product? *

    When i first saw the product on FB, I thought it was a bit tok costly. I kean for the same price we can have ON's Gold Standard. But then, there is a huge difference between the supplement numbers of both.
    Isolean is 90% whey isolate and ON is 80% whey concentrate. And at the same price i think it's a much better deal to go with Isolate than concentrate.
    I have been quite proud of my decision, because Isolean is actually a great product.
    I has helped my muscle growth like no other Whey (including ON).
    If you are looking for a product to increase your muscles and improve your recovery, then i doibt if there's solething better at this price.

  7. Nice product review by Pawan on 3/9/2017
    How do you rate this product? *

    I recommend it to my trainees all the time. Have seen good results.
    Keep it uo Acacia

  8. doubt review by Nayan on 3/9/2017
    How do you rate this product? *

    happy with whey totale,wanna switch to isolean...but when i compare 2lb isolean with 5lb isolean.....difference i found that in 2lbs 4.7 Grams of Glutamine per scoop and 6.9 Grams of BCAA per scoop while in 5lbs 5 Grams of Glutamine and BCAA (Per 100 G)....how so is there any error ???

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Acacia Whey Isolean supplement facts on Acacia World

Whey Isolean Amino Acid Profile

Blend 1 heaping scoop (32.4 g) to 200 ml of cold water or skimmed milk. Take one full heaped scoop twice a day or as recommended by your trainer.

It is recommended to consume Whey IsoLean™ right after your workout session. If you workout in the morning take one scoop after workout and one at night. If you workout in the evening, take one scoop in the morning and one right after your workout.

If you want to increase your protein intake, consume 1-2 additional scoops between meals.

Allow your muscle groups to rest for at least 48 hours before you work the out again to gain most from Whey IsoLean™.

Tip: Prepare Whey IsoLean™ using a Mixer or a blender to get the best taste.

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