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Acacia Soy Totalé™ Chocolate Flavour

Acacia Soy Totalé™ Chocolate Flavour

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  • Acacia Soy Totalé™ Chocolate Flavour Acacia Soy Totalé™ Chocolate Flavour
  • Acacia Soy Totalé™ Chocolate Flavour Acacia Soy Totalé™ Chocolate Flavour

Acacia Soy Totalé™ Chocolate Flavour

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Regular Price: ₹3,799.00

Special Price ₹2,799.00

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Regular Price: ₹3,799.00

Special Price ₹2,799.00

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Additional Information

Product Info
Goal Muscle Growth, Ideal For Diabetics, Recovery
Number of Servings 72 (5 Lb) | 29 (2 Lb)
Serving Size 31.5 g
Protein per Serving 25 g
Carbs 2 G
Fats 1.5 G
Special Ingredients Sugar Free
Main Ingredient Soy Protein Isolate
Protein type Slow digesting Plant Protein
Vegetarian/Non-Vegetarian Vegetarian
Packaging Jar
Country of Manufacture India




Athletes who incorporate both Acacia Soy Totalé™ and Acacia Whey Totalé™ in their nutritional regimes greatly benefit from their different rates of digestion and amino acid absorption. Whey protein is high in branched chain amino acids, used as an important energy source by the body during exercise, while soy protein has high amounts of the amino acids Arginine and Glutamine.

Arginine is well known as a stimulant of anabolic hormones that stimulate muscle formation, while Glutamine is considered essential during metabolic stress.


Benefits of Acacia Soy Totalé™

• It enhances athletic performance. The isoflavones found in soy protein produce antioxidant effects, which speed recovery and reduce muscle soreness and inflammation.

• It supplies a full complement of amino acids for the exercising muscles - muscles will become stronger and larger

• It increases the nutritional value of other foods due to its complete amino acid profile.

• It has been shown to reduce the likelihood of heart disease through its ability to lower cholesterol.

• It also reduces the risk of other illnesses such as colon, breast and prostate cancer, as well as osteoporosis.

• It has multiple benefits on women's health, including alleviation of symptoms associated with menopause, protection of bone health and reduction of the risk of breast cancer.

• It has a 1.0 PDCAAS (Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid score) score - the highest possible. The PDCAAS is the standard measurement of protein quality.

  1. Best soy protein review by Raghav on 2/20/2018
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    i have been using since last 18 months or so. The taste is great. Its not as good as whey, but as compared to any other soy it is quite good.
    The supplement facts are just amazing. If you have used Soy from Amway r any or any other brand, then their taste will be musch better, because they have sugar and lots of other stuff, but Soy totale has almost pure isolated soy. so overall the product is quite great.

  2. Nice for diabetics review by Dheeraj on 6/9/2017
    How do you rate this product? *

    It's a god sent for me, since i am a diabetic. Been using it for 2 years with good results. The only downside is that i am bored of chocolate flavour and there seems to be no other flavours. Acacia had butterscotch and vanilla flavours

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