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Acacia Fat Loss Stack

Acacia Fat Loss Stack

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  • Acacia Fat Loss Stack Acacia Fat Loss Stack

Acacia Fat Loss Stack

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Acacia Glutamine Ignition Series™ 300 grams   +₹953.10

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Goal Reduce Weight
Expected result 2-6 Kg weight loss per month
Suggested use duration 3 months (or by when you reach your goals)
Total daily Protein in stack 72 G
Total daily Carbs in stack 14 G (Mostly from milk & Meal Replacement Shake)
Total daily Fats in stack 4.2 G (Mostly from milk)
Main Ingredients Whey Protein Isolate, Fibre
Special Instructions Use Protein bars during snack time to keep a check on your diet
Protein type Extremely Fast Digesting Milk Protein
Vegetarian/Non-Vegetarian Vegetarian
Packaging Jar
Country of Manufacture India
Offer No


Weight loss and Fat Loss are two different things. In weight loss, the whole body loses weight, which means that you lose muscle mass and well as fat. In Fat Loss, you target only fat in your body. Needless to say that Fat Loss is much more difficult than weight loss because Fat Loss requires you to eat very precise and balanced diet, whereas for weight loss, you simply need to cut calories.

With this Fat Loss diet, you should be able to retain muscles and lose fat.

Who should use this: Those, whose primary goal it is to lose fat and look lean. 

evolv Perfect Meal (Optional): If your meals were perfect, you wouldn't have to worry about fat at all. But even if you could make one meal of the day perfect, you can transform your body. Perfect Meal provides balanced nutrition to your body and helps you control hunger.

evolv L Carnitine: evolv L-Carnitine will help you lose fat by metabolising fat molecules in the body. For L Carnitine to work you need to ensure that you are limiting your Fat intake.

Acacia Whey Isolean: Is a Zero Carbs, ultimate lean muscle building protein that provides quick recovery. This whey protein isolate will definately be the building block of your body's lean muscles.

Glutamine Ignition Series™: Will be crucial to ensure that you do not lose out any hard gained muscle because of excess cardio required to lose fat. This will also make sure that you do recover as soon as possible, ready for next day's challenge. 

Protein Bars (Optional): Most often, especially for working people, it becomes impossible to find a high nutrition snack. You feel really hungry during snack time (4pm – 6pm) and do not have many options. In this case you can use Protein Bars. Just take some with you and munch on them whenever you feel hungry. This is the best way to stop yourself from snacking on Junk. 


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Replace 1 Meal of your day with evolv Perfect Meal, preferably dinner.

1 serving Perfect meal with 200-250 ml skimmed (double toned) milk to be had during dinner.

1 evolv L Carnitine to be had before workout and after workout

1-2 Protein Bars during snack time. It is important that you do not snack on junk. If you do not have any nutritious food handy, just keep a Protein bar at hand.


If you workout late in the morning:

1 scoop Isolean + 1 scoop Glutamine after workout. 1 scoop + 1 scoop Glutamine before going to bed at night

If you workout late in the evening:

1 scoop Isolean + 1 scoop Glutamine after workout. 1 scoop + 1 scoop Glutamine before breakfast